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[Nettime-bold] Free Classified Ad. Service in Pakistan!

Dear Sir / Madam :

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you. Our company is Pakistan's first and only career-based jobsite dedicated to IT professionals of Pakistan. We have one of the largest IT resume databank and the list keeps growing.
At, we provide absolutely free job posting/advertisement facility on our website. So, if you can't seem to find a talented IT person, through traditional methods, to join your firm, is the website to post your job ad.
Some of the benefits:

-	Post your job on our website for free. 
-	Search, view and select resumes according to your requirement.
-	Receive new / updated resumes as per your exact need in e-mail.
-	Update your job as and when as per your requirement/need.
-	Cost-effective way to find talented IT professionals.
-	Recruit your ideal candidate.   
-	All done with simplicity and speed.

Posting a job on Jobnox is easy and once again free. How to use Simple.

Step 1) Visit our website
Step 2) Register your company / firm - no charges
Step 3) Within 24 hours you will receive your registration confirmation with User ID & Password in e-mail.
Step 4) Post your job ad on our website for free.

Still, if you need assistance or more information, please let us know at or call us at 21-4536362 / 21-4522190 or fax us at 21-4545758.

Committed to matching IT talent with opportunity.

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