Deena Larsen on Thu, 4 Apr 2002 05:59:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Please join the ELO Symposium this Sat

The Electronic Literature Organization's Symposium is April 4-6 in LA.

If you can't make it in person, please join us online Saturday the 6th
from 12-1 PT (20:00 hours GMT)

What we'll discuss:

The electronic writing and art communities are
intertwined to the  point where no one can tell where
one ends and one leaves off. This meeting will be one
in a series of meetings proposed at other conferences
including Incubation in July 2002 and Hypertext02 in
June 2002.

This is a chance to meet fellow creators of electronic
art/music/literature and explore:

 How can we use the online environment to further
collaborations between artists and writers?

 How do the online environment and other new media
tools modify the relationship  between writing,
language, imagery, culture, and ethnicity?

 How has online communication and coordination changed
art and writing?

 How are lines between art and literature blurring?

 What new ways are we using to communicate with art
and writing?

How to join us

1) open your browser
2) go to
3) click on the LOG IN button on the left hand side
4) type in your name at the prompt
5) once in the MOO, type "@go eliterature" to get to
the electronic literature chat room. That's it!

The chat archive would be edited for readibility and
posted on the ELO <> and
trAce sites < >, as part of our
ongoing ELO/trAce chat programs.

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