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[Nettime-bold] Laser Cutting Application News and new products

Title: PTG Precision Technology Group letter


37 Sky Line Drive, Suite 2104
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Phone 407.804.1000
Fax      407.804.1002


Friday, March 29 ,2002

New Application results and Products.                                                   

Laser Cutting, Marking and Engraving. New equipment.

The new SBM 1200 4x4 Laser Cutting, Marking and Engraving tool is released by PTG Group. This is a self contained unit with sealed off laser from 10W to 1000w CW and 3000W pulsed. Auto CAD, Coral Draw, other Windows applications.

Systems with sealed 300W/750W CW/Pulsed priced BELOW $100,000.

The unique feature is that system can be equipped with 2 lasers to cover the low and high power ranges.

Laser Disk Cutting Application.

Precision laser cutting of different materials (ceramics, glass, metals, organic tissues, plastics, acrylic, etc...) was realized on SBM333. The key factor for precision is that polarization of the laser beam is kept tangentially to the projected cutting line

Flat Panel Display Application:

The new laser cutting method was used on F400 for full body separation without any additional breaking system at a speed 500mm/sec 470 x 470 x2x0,55 mm panels for small cell phone TFT and OLED display panels and