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[Nettime-bold] T O S H A R E (mail-art for Free Biennial of New York)

T O    S H A R E      International year of voluntary      Social worker     Computer Use in Social Services 
Network          Medecins sans Frontieres      Service civil international      Amnesty International      Assn. for community organization/social 
administration (ACOSA)     NASW Online     Non-profit Resource Center for developing 
a human service agency      The Foundation Center

        and tollerance

Art Project of PH2O ARTE for THE FREE BIENNIAL New York 2002

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: we will send, by mail, every day (2 to 20 
April 2002 to librarys, museums, galleries and other public spaces of New 
York) 50 mail like that (see ), 
to that remembers the voluntary service is for all, so it is similar free 
art spirit

T O   S H A R E (mail-art for Free Biennial of New York

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