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[Nettime-bold] Re: your mails

Hi Felix,

I only send selected messages to the nettime list.  I posted a total of 3 last 
night, unusually high number for me, but these are unusual times.  These 
messages, all important about what is going on in Palestine, are not too far off 
from many other that get posted on the list about other parts of the world by 
other nettimers.  Do you have a problem with their particular content or with the 
method of posting?

This kind of gatekeeping won't do nettime any good.  And don't you guys go 
complaining about lurkers any more.  You're not particularly welcoming.

Be well.


Quoting Nettime <>:

> Hi Gita,
> please do not include nettime in your distribution lists. We appreciate
> the situation, but flooding the list will not do much good.
> best. Felix

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 This is a forward. 

 >Sunday, March 31, 2002 
 >For Immediate Release 
 >***Press Release*** 
 >[RAMALLAH] 50 International civilians entered Yasser Arafatís 
 >Presidential Compound today, which is under continuous siege by the 
 >Israeli Forces. The group of Internationals is comprised of civilian 
 >volunteers from France, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Britain, Ireland, 
 >Germany, and Israel who are here on a humanitarian mission. Thirty-four 
 >(34) international civilians remain inside.  The group has stated that 
 >they will remain inside of the Presidential Compound until the siege is 
 >lifted; they remain in solidarity with all Palestinian people who are 
 >now under occupation and extend their demands to include the end of 
 >Israelís occupation of the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip.  The 
 >Israeliís have cut power, phone lines and water supply to the compound. 
 >Food is also in short supply. 
 >The 34 foreign civilians are asking for their respective ambassadors to 
 >urgently come to President Arafat's compound. 
 >The city of Ramallah, where the group of internationals is currently 
 >based, is under closure and violent occupation by Israeli Forces. Power 
 >has been cut in most neighborhoods of Ramallah and water and food is in 
 >short supply in many homes, hospitals have had to resort to back-up 
 >generators and the transport of medicine and medical supplies has been 
 >disrupted. International witnesses have reported Israeli forces breaking 
 >in doors of homes and conducting mass arrests, where Palestinianís have 
 >been bound and placed in torturous positions for extended periods, there 
 >have also been at least 14 extra-judicial executions performed by the 
 >Israeli Forces in the last 2 days. Medical personnel have been arrested 
 >by the Israeliís and several ambulances have been confiscated, Israeli 
 >Forces also attempted to enter Ramallah Hospital earlier today but were 
 >kept out by a human blockade of conducted by the Internationals. 
 >For more information call- 
 >Adam 972 52 481 261 
 >Huwaida 972 52 642-709 
 >    972 55 851 896 
 >    972 55 975 374 
 >For information on Israeli: Allegra: 972 50 387 570 
 >For statement from Israeli see 

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