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excerpted from:
DoD 5000.59-M, "DoD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Glossary"

P1.1.135.  APHIDS
Advanced Panoramic Helmet Interface Demonstrator System

P1.2.15.  BEES
Battlefield Environmental Effects Software

P1.3.24.  CACTIS
Community Automated Counter-Terrorism Intelligence System

P1.3.49.  CAMERA
Computational Algorithm for Missile Exhaust Radiation

P1.3.56.  CARD
Computer-Aided Remote Driving

P1.3.146.  CIRRUS
Clouds, IR, Real, for Use in Simulations

P1.3.185.  COAST
Course of Action Selection Tool

P1.3.196.  COMPASS
Common Operational Modeling, Planning, and Simulation

P1.3.204.  Corn
Computer Resource Nucleus

P1.3.216.  CROSSBOW-S
Construction of a Radar to Operationally Simulate Signals
Believed to Originate within the Soviet Union

P1.4.11.  DAISY
Defense Automated Information System

P1.4.89.  DIAL
Distributed intelligent Architecture for Logistics

P1.4.91.  DICE
1 - DARPA Initiative for Concurrent Engineering
2 - Distributed Interactive C31 Effectiveness Simulation

P1.4.96.  DIGEST
Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard

P1.5.50.  EMPRESS
EMP Radiation Environment Simulator for Ships 

P1.6.4.  FAR
Federal Acquisition Regulation

P1.6.5.  FAST
1 - Federal Automated System for Travel
2 - Field Assistance in Science and Technology
3 - Framework for Advanced Simulation Technology

Federation of Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance
and Targeting Operations, and Research Models

P1.6.44.  ForMAT
Force Management and Analysis Tool

P1.8.18.  HERO
Heuristic Route Organization

P1.9.28.  IDEA
Integrated Design/Engineering Aide
Integrated Maintenance Data System

P1.10.15.  JAWS
Joint Analytic Warfare Systems

P1.10.122.  JUSTIS
Joint Uniform Services Technical Information System

P1.11.15.  KIPPL
Key Intelligence Programs Priority List

P1.11.16.  KNACK
Knowledge Acquisition Kernel

P1.12.34.  LIVID
Language Identification and Voice Identification

P1.13.9.  MADCAP
Mobilization And Deployment Capability Assurance Project

P1.13.47.  MERIT
Model Evaluation Requirements Integration Tool

P1.13.66.  MILES
Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System

P1.13.99.  MOE
Measure of Effectiveness

P1.13.108.  MOSART
Moderate Spectral Atmospheric Radiance and Transmittance

P1.13.155.  MUTES
Multiple Threat Emitter Systems

P1.14.27.  NET
1 - Network Entity Title
2 - New Equipment Training
3 - Not Earlier Than

P1.15.5.  OATS
Office Automation and Technology Services

P1.15.16.  OMEGA
Operational Multiscale Environment Model with Grid Adaptivity

P1.15.49.  OSIRIS
Optimized Synthetic Infra-Red Interactive Simulation

P1.16.2.  PADS
Position Azimuth Determining System

P1.16.21.  PEGASUS
Perspective View Generator and Analysis Systems for
Unmanned Sensors

P1.16.38.  POPS
Pyrotechnic Optical Plume Simulator

P1.16.48.  PRISM
1 - Parameterized Real-Time Ionospheric Specification
2 - Portable, Reusable, Integrated Software Modules

P1.18.6.  RADIUS
Research and Development for Image Understanding Systems

P1.18.46.  ROW
Rest Of the World

P1.19.50.  SEE
1 - Software Engineering Environments
2 - Synthetic Environment Exercise

P1.19.73.  SIMITAR
Simulation in Training for Advanced Readiness

P1.19.82.  SLAVE
Simple Lethality and Vulnerability Simulator

P1.19.86.  SMART
1 - Simulation and Modeling Anchored in Real-World Testing
2 - Susceptibility Model Assessment with Range Test

P1.20.10.  TACTICS
Tri-Service Advanced Countermeasures and Threats
Integrated Combat Simulation

P1.20.17.  TAGS
Tactical Gamma Ray Simulator

P1.20.95.  TOPS
Thermodynamic Ocean Prediction System

P1.21.19.  UNA
Use No Abbreviations

P1.22.3.  VALAD
Voice Activated Logistics Anchor Desk

P1.22.12.  VICTORS
Variable Intensity Computerized Training System

P1.23.16.  WISDIM
Warfighting and Intelligence Systems Dictionary for
Information Management

P1.23.17.  WISSARD
What If Simulation System for Advanced Research
and Development

P1.23.19.  WORM
Write Once - Read Many

P1.23.23.  WRAP
1 - Wide Area Rapid Acoustic Prediction
2 - Warfighter Rapid Acquisition Program

P1.26.1.  ZULU
time zone indicator for Universal Time

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