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From:   .com

please bear with me. i am a modern shaman seeking
weapons [n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sssszzzzzzzzzz]
. i live in a mentally desolate area of the world,
the reeking fat-centre of the U$A, aka the Korporate
Kulture of (>)Konsumption. 

you will be [pleased} to know that insurgency swells even
here, especially through the dance music underground. 

several musicians/artists/thinkers are banding together
to create an act that crosses the lines of perception,
openly challenges the phallus-hegemony, and invites the
hearts and minds of the "audience" to participate in
higher levels of vibration -- cellular, mental, energetic. 

your nato modular package alone suffices our needs for
conscious synaesthetic induction. 

we cannot pay you for it, but humbly ask your blessings
to allow us to use it gratis. i realize you have legal
restrictions, market considerations, etc., but this is a
completely off-the-grid transmission between us and you,
and i know it is within your power to come to our aid.

that said, i am also beginning research into direct
synaesthetic sense-substituion encoding. specifically,
converting images/video into multi-channel audio stream.
visual perception through the auditory cortex. if this
sounds interesting to you i'd love to discuss it in detail.


so you know that i'm serious, some of my credentials:

-studied ....

-bachelor's degree in computer science ....

-co-author of siggraph paper .....

-wrote & presented ....


i gave up 3d graphics in 2000 because i thought the
industry was narrow-minded and shallow. i'm currently
working privately, searching for new ways to induce
higher states of consciousness through trance and dance.

a taste of my mind:

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