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[Nettime-bold] EUPRACTIC NOTICE - FEB 2002

Dear Colleague,

Please, find hereafter GRANT opportunities published in the Official Journal of the European Communities FEB 2002. You may find suitable 
partners to qualify for funding at
Forward a copy of this e-mail to colleagues and encourage them to register too.
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Best regards
eupraxis team

CALL FOR PROPOSALS for the Asia-Link programme issued by the European Commission Published 20.02.2002 Deadlines: 24 May 2002 and 
24 October 2002, EURef: (2002/C 46/08)

Call for proposals in the field of environmental protection. The aim of this call for proposals is to identify actions which might be eligible for 
financial support from the European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment. This aid would take the form of co-financing. EURef: 
(2002/C 45/08) Published 19.02.2002 Deadline: open until 30 April 2002. 

VP/2002/003 Budget heading B3-4003: "Information, consultation and participation of representatives of undertakings" Published 16.02.2002 
Deadlines: 27 March 2002, 31 May 2002 and 13 September 2002 EURef: (2002/C 43/17)

Projects that may benefit from a Eurostat grant during the years 2002 and 2003 Published 16.02.2002 Deadline: up until 15 march 2002 EURef: 
(2002/C 43/16)

Call for the submission of proposals under a Community action programme promoting non-governmental organisations primarily active in the field 
of environmental protection Published 08.02.2002 Deadline: 18 March 2002 EURef: (2002/C 35/06) A later deadline will be advertised for 
applications from candidate countries and Balkan NGOs in 2002 subject to the formal agreement between each of these States and the 
Community for their participation in the programme.

THE DAPHNE PROGRAMME 2000-2003 Preventive measures to fight violence against children, young people and women Call for proposals 
2002 Published 08.02.2002 Deadline: 26 April 2002. EURef: (2002/C 35/05)

FOOD SAFETY AUTHORITY Published 01.02.2002 Deadline 28 February 2002 EURef: (2002/C 29/06)

The EC/US cooperation programme in higher education and vocational education and training (2001-2005) Call for proposals 2002 Published 
19.01.2002 Deadline: 1 April 2002 EURef: (2002/C 16/22)

Call for proposals under the EC/Canada cooperation programme in higher education and training Published 19.01.2002 Deadline: 1 April 2002 
EURef: (2002/C 16/21)

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