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[Nettime-bold] Win the diet war

Dear Friend,

I have fought the weight battle for what seems like forever. Weight up, then
down; exercise for a month, then nothing for months for whatever reason.
Hundreds of dollars wasted on useless diet products that never did what they

It was all so depressing. My job as a researcher has allowed me to stay
current with all the latest health discoveries, and I have been exposed to
hundreds of weight loss products that promised the moon but delivered
nothing. I am finally, totally excited to share with you a completely
natural product that will, at long last, make you the winner in the weight loss
battle. After 6 weeks of taking BERRY TRIM PLUS I have lost 25 pounds,
and I look and feel like a new person. It has decreased my appetite to the point
where I have no cravings for fattening food, and it burns fat so fast it is
like I run miles every day. So, not only have I lost weight, but
I retained my muscle tone and my skin is tight and firm. Now I am eager to go
out and show off the whole new me. I swear it seems like I have got a brand
new personality.

I am very excited to share with you an incredible discovery from the plant
world. I have found a product on the market that uses the Brindall Berry from
Asia to drastically reduce your appetite and burn off excess fat 24/7. Do not
waste any more time or money on the hundreds of useless diet products on the
market. I have found your answer to the battle of the bulge, and it will not
break your bank. This time you will win. BERRY TRIM PLUS is a revolutionary
weight loss catalyst that will renew your body and your lifestyle. Do not spend
another minute being unhappy, or worrying about your weight...click on the link
below NOW and order your BERRY TRIM PLUS today.

Good Luck,

Phyllis Jaffe, PhD.





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