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[Nettime-bold] Creative Tools as Weaponry

>Hello nn
>The Nomads+Homesteaders conference which I asked you to be a part of 
>has conjoined w/Version>02, a
>festival of digital arts, being held @ the Museum of Contemporary Art 
>here in Chicago. 

another 1 +?
nn = bekoming 01 ornament at dze               yes

en tout cas = nn will unravel new dna [like maybe the neu generazie]

>As I had mentioned we had hoped that you would 
>appear as a panelist through a text based onscreen interface. We 
>would be sending you an audio stream and them projecting an IRC or 
>similar text space for your presence/contributions/responses. The 
>panel "Who Is The Tool", which will address artists relationships to 
>software, seems to be the ideal panel w/in the context of our events 
>for your participation. I am passing this email + your address along 
>to, Ed Marszewski the person who is organizing Version>02 and he will 
>probably pass it along to the person who is organizing/moderating 
>"Who Is the Tool" and contact you about your participation. I hope 
>you will continue to be involved in our events and contribute to the 
>panel. Your presence will be invaluable. Thank you for your time and 
>consideration, nn. Take care.

What Is the 8th International Salt Symposium +?


>Well nn, I thought that your integer version might be interested in 
>the potential for textual reworkings of the panelist's positions and 
>discourse. If you are interested in speaking as nn and addressing 
>nato, software development as cultural practice/tactical strategy and 
>deployment that would also be great.
>Mostly I wanted to get you involved, and I had assumed that if you 
>were interested you would be engaged in defining your relationship to 
>the conference and the terms of your involvement. I'd like to offer 
>you the conference itself as a platform for activity and had thought 
>that this would probably take place over networks as does your work 
>(for the most part). As we developed the conference I built in the 
>network's presence to the panel discussions and hope that you would 
>be involved through those channels. How does that sound?
>>"Creative Tools as Weaponry" panel
>>>we would like to run audio streams out of the conference to you and
>>>then project a chat interface on screen behind the panelists for your
>>>running responses. Considering your work on the power structures,
>>>authoring patches and developing encoded grammars I thought you would
>>>be able to play a critical role. Would you be available or interested
>>>in a speaking engagement of this type around that time?
>>>I think that this situation is one which could provide an interesting
>>>platform for you and your work,
>>>Thanks for your time and consideration. Take care. Type soon.
>da. = 1+1 of me would be glad to tingle tangle.
>what type of accent do you prefer +?
>eastern european or western european +?
>i come in many different versions
>+ perform many different tasks.
>nn - [task: melt!ng belg!an shoko. !t l!kex !t. do u not +?  si. see 
>- ! told u so]

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