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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Re: the development of a solar infrastructure

  no comment. next time please send the same post to me
  as you send to the list. else, it is only a political game.
  a critique can sometimes strengthen ideas, unless they
  are already figured out in advance- no questions asked.

>I'm glad you read the site but surprised that you did
>not notice that solar bonds are not a one size fits
>all proposition, each region designs their own bond,
>combining solar, wind, and conservation in the manner
>most appropriate for that particular region. Which
>seems to be exactly what you're asking for. And
>because it's a local initiative movement, if they
>happen to be located in a big hole, then they
>certainly are free to not pursue the solar option.
>As to the environmental impact of solar cell
>production, yes, all modern production has it's
>industrial side effects and controls have to be put in
>place. Luckily, with solar, the industry is new and
>therefore can be openly monitored as it develops. But
>I'll take the hazards of silicon chip production over
>uranium tailings, ecosystems destroyed by damming, or
>the greenhouse gas producing alternatives out there
>now. Since we aren't about to elect a Luddite reform
>movement, we will continue to have energy production,
>so why wouldn't you pursue the cleanest technology
>And while they are energy bonds, we are calling them
>solar bonds because "energy bonds" doesn't sound very
>descriptive or interesting and solar/conservation/wind
>is something of a mouthful.
>In any case, I am pretty disappointed with nettime
>network as a whole. I was led to believe that it is a
>forum for discussing tactics and politics. And while I
>have had a somewhat engaging input from one person, it
>was largely discouraging (reminding me of the
>apocryphal tale that Che Guevera's mother once said to
>him "If the left had to form a firing squad it would
>be a circle"). I was looking for ways to take the idea
>further, input on how the net could disseminate
>successful regional politics to wider forums. Maybe
>it's the idea's fault. Or my fault for not presenting
>it properly. But it's easier to blame nettime.
>The good news is that San Diego, The University of
>California, Sebastapol, Boulder, Washington State, and
>a few other places have expressed interest in Solar
>Bonds, and, also in the footsteps of the San Francisco
>model, there was the following report:
>The CPAs has devised a feasible plan for Los Angeles
>  Colleges to Solar
>                            Says Greenpeace

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