Bill Spornitz on Wed, 27 Feb 2002 02:07:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] adopt an orphan beer spam


I know that for a lot of you this is Tuesday, but for me it's kind of 
like Saturday afternoon - so that's why I'm making a beer 
recommendation on a Tuesday, as opposed to a more appropriate day, 
like a Friday. <disclaimer> My Tuesday beer recognition in no way 
denigrates my appreciation for the struggles inherent in the working 
week, and is not meant to seduce or derange normally perfectly normal 
people. </disclaimer>

Anyway, check out a pleasant little hungarian pilsner called Dreher 
CLASSIC, currently available at the River and Osborne Liquor Store 
for CA$1.32 per 331 ml can (marked down from over $1.70, at least 1/3 

In this green can you get a beer that weighs in at 5.5%, has a 
website at <> and hails from Budapest, Maglodi ut 17 - 
which, as far as I know, is yet to be either invaded or fall to 
internal strife, at least in the last couple weeks.

Better taste buds than mine can perhaps attest to it's valour on the 
Field of Pilsner, but it's the beer for me, at least for a couple 
more cans. It must be in the water.

I trust this message finds you well.



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