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[Nettime-bold] the commoner 3

    The Commoner N. 3 is out on the web.  <>

Reclaiming the body

 Silvia Federici. The Great Caliban The Struggle  Against  the Rebel Body
Cyril Smith. Marx, Hegel, the  Enlightenment and Magic Nick Dyer-Witheford.
Global Body, Global Brain/ Global Factory, Global War: Revolt of  the
Value-Subjects Les Levidow. Marketizing  Higher Education: Neoliberal
Strategies and  Counter-Strategies   Plus  groundzero war . . .    Massimo
De Angelis. W-TINA-W' (war-there is no  alternative-more  war)   . . .
reviews . . .   Gender and Globalization: Where, Now, are the Women, the
Feminists &and the Movement? Peter Waterman  reviews 'Globalisation and
Gender', Signs, Vol. 26, No. 4, Summer 2001. Special  Issue.   Please
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