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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Re: the development of a solar infrastructure

Toby Barlow replies;

>Wow, what a trip. Please, before I waste any more of
>your time, LOOK AT THE SITE, solar bonds are energy
>bonds, bundling conservation and, in some cases, wind
>to make the economies work. The math is very tight,
>that's why the comptroller of San Francisco endorsed
>Prop B.
>As to the powers that be, well, bring 'em on.
>The "mining of raw materials" issue you bring up is
>enormously irrelevant. You're going to compare
>silicon, the second most common element on earth, to
>As for the regions, last time I checked there was sun
>everywhere. Germany has a lot more solar than we do
>and they're located farther north in a cloudy climate.
>And they're pretty damn smart when it comes to
>allocating their technological resources.
>Again, check out the site. Goodnight.

  i did check out the site, the positions are
  still relevant, solar is not the same word
  as energy, the sun is not everywhere in
  the same intensity, nor wind, and the mining
  of raw materials (and silicon for that matter)
  are very toxic processes (go visit a semi-
  conductor plant without a bunnysuit and a
  breather and see you in the morgue) and no
  universal solar value/return exists the same
  everywhere, these are facts. having done
  solar calculations for building designs in a
  specific climate and knowing it is site- and
  region-specific, it is hard to dismiss this
  and take the utopian view of one solar panel
  works the same as another, anywhere in
  the world. regional maps (& actual statistics
  about specific areas) would show where solar
  and wind are and are not viable alternatives.
  that was/is the point. thus, the importance
  of reframing common issues in common terms,
  such as 'energy'. but, you're on the ground, on
  a balletbox issue in SF, and good luck to you.
  hope it works out in the larger sense, voting
  for minds to consider these issues in more detail.

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