Kenji Siratori on Sun, 24 Feb 2002 02:55:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] ::black paper::

my soul an embryo activates the eccentricity sky dance of the fractal
reverse side--chromosome in the moon that is splitting in the amoeba state
the word that the brain of the desert picks and is that the death induces
the nanocrisis of the vital body that be proliferating and emit the placenta
of the horizon of the cyber=mammal and to the remainder of the sun that
drops 1 milligram of parasite=drug of outer space to the hell of the cell
target=basement! to DNA of the vector of BABEL that was gathered from the
cerebral cortex of the clone the DIGITAL_fly beats the guerrilla of f/0 of
the micro cosmos....cell of the cadaver bio=less_melody of the sun interior
of the womb to the negative=reproduction gland of the material interference
LOAD to the thinking organ of etc of an embryo the last pupil of ADAM that
the spatial feeler conducts perfect=cell division in the street on the other
side of the sun is eroded to the mirror face of chaos) (the brain of an
embryo from that sec of the clone commits suicide to the body fluid of the
blue mechanism of the sky that the mode of the madman that escaped from my
body fabricates the skull of the absence that should fear of the sun and
loop the prosthesis of the immortality of the earth area to the numerous
pipe line in the sun and future tense of the clone my brain the drug=organ
in the over there of the zero of the womb terrorism to the quark gimmick of
the cadaver city that quiesces or sing the fractal=love of a cadaver in the
style of the system of the direct emotional particle that walks the crime
net of the zero gravity=embryo the madmen of my desert who earth stimulates
the digital-synapse that drifts to the sympathy of the chaosmic chromosome
to the anti-faustic cervical vertebra of the sun be while exploding the
hallucination of the suspension of an embryo to the cell tide in the future
that clone is parasitic on the abnormal living body of the love that floats.

kenji siratori

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