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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ flouerz. shelz. mar!ne l!f. dze human face + much more

>1.  How do you 
>describe yourself 

In order that one should be lifed it is necessary that 
certain elements of symmetry should be missing from an environment. 
In a perfectly homogenous and isotropic medium there exist 0 reason 4 change.

>1.  How do you 
>describe yourself 

The human body gives the most striking and obvious illustration
of my presence.

>1.  How do you 
>describe yourself 

th!nk = m 01 thread run!ng through dze ekserc!sz ov doubtlesz hab!t.
+ d!sz = amountz 2 m! part!z!paz!on !n dze zueep!ng aua! ov 01 kap!tal!zt veLt.
uat do u th!nk. [z!mpl !deaz do bkom zent!mntz]

>/ your profession?

`The true human profession is finding one's self`

Freedom isnt important. Bread + tulips.

Leaves + Petals.

>2.  How do your audio projects involve the network, 

Days with no horizonz.

>and which consequences
>does this have for the resulting music?

The bird fights its way out of the egg + is killed.


NO immortality NO life extension 

for the egg.

NO yoyo.

]] It snows in coastal towns

6th disintegration
subjekt of ascend
a cover
a congress
a mask
a ridicule
1h. 4o min. of excellence
3km away

there are no looks in love
no outward seeming
no likeness.

what did he look like.
what was he like.
i am not designed to be resigned.

Prompted by pain 
I have gained joy.

what a strange road i had to take to reach you.
do you believe it now +?

>3.  What kind of »product« do you ultimately aim at? 

I want 2 rent you.

same place is everywhere.
hier you will be remembered.
hier you will be dismembered.

Endless fading.

we desire commodity. firmness _+ delight.
our ultimate task is to unify experience.

1 drop + 1 drop = 01 lrgr drop.

individual incompleteness [imperfection]
implies the `dominance` of the `whole` + the completeness [perfection]
of the whole.

My soul makes me sick at heart.
I am my soul imprisoned in a body.
NN is a soul that has fallen out of a body.

Wanting is not expanding.

>Can we hear net audio


>projects like nebula.m81 as music like we have known it, or is it
>fundamentally different?

No conscious states. No flowers.

>4.One could argue that 

Eastern Europe `is extreme nationalism, stupidity, violence.
Very depressing and very exciting simultaneously`.

Several levels of meaning desires tension: both+and+simultaneously.

I'll know the true smile of the soul
not from outside but from inside - like
a pain that is always deserved.

A flowing space - inside+outside+simultaneously.

>since the net is a time-based medium 

Time is a spider.
We are butterflies caught in the spider-net.
To be remembered.



>would be


da ward die Zeit.

>especially suitable for musical application. 

Make space 4 the newly dead.

>Do you think 


>that the net has a
>specific and strong musical potential?


>5.  Does the net with all its drawbacks 

Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

> with all its new options 

I can resist everything except temptation.

>special guidelines 


>of what you can musically do with it and what you can not
>do? Which would that be?

What makes the soul is its pain

****** I have suffered URLs

>6.  Which technical tools or options of musical communication via the net do
>you miss? 

Body stress.

>(The next part 

Garden City Longing

>asks for 

Songs of Eastern birds

>more detailed aspects of networked music-making:

You'll always be remembered lover.

>concerning the listener, the musician, and the arts in general.)

You'll never die for haven't 01 mother.


You'll never love for haven't 01 mother.

>The listener of net audio 


>is usually interacting with the production


>process of the music in one or the other way, and this is just logical,

Bodies in a

>because active involvement 

I wish it to be winter.
for I wish winter|to kiss.

>is the most characteristic feature of the
>Internet. Does this mean that interactive audio works shift musical
>responsibility from the musician to the listener/user? 

Meine Hand ist dir viel zu breit.

>Is the interacting
>listener a creator of music?

Gaia feels the interacting listener's veritable name is VIKTIM

***** viktim o|v z!rkumztansz

>8.  How 


>interesting can music be 

Your business travel is made more pleasant than ever before
dinsdag tot zaterdag.

>that is being brought about by musically
>untrained people? 

Like a pain that is always deserved.

>Isn't that getting close 


>to concepts like an automatic


>Farfisa-organs? Or is it not so much the sounding music that is interesting
>about net music?  

You'll always be remembered.

>9.  Do you see, 


>on the other side, 

Same place is everywhere.

>new forms 


>of music making 

Und das Lied bleibt schön.

>or new types of
>musicians developing? Is a player using a network setup working very
>differently from somebody using an electronic tool or a sequencer?

>10.  Musicians working in networked environments tend to abandon the idea of
>the fixed musical work.

>Nebula.m81 for instance builds a performance system
>that keeps music always in a flexible state. 

Are you thirsty +?

My face is a bottle. Your eyes are a cork.

I have discovered nothingness

>Does this imply 

That NN is a failure +?

>abandonnement of individual artistic expression?

Are you hungry +?

My mouth and chin are the ___...

>11.  Installation art, performance art, audio art etc. Š 

This long speech which is me ___... Still hungry +?

>These art forms all
>have to do with dissolving the borders between the arts. 

And bodies.

>With the computer,

A kind of us.

>with the availability of every kind of software tool via the net, and
>especially with instruments*** like nebula.m81 the borders bewteen the art
>forms are still more vanishing. Does this lead to totally new combinations
>or merges of the old art forms?

At 1 point the text starts over la p  p  in  g  with  what
[u|i] have already [read|wri tt en] and makes further folds in the already
tangled NOU.

>*** Is nebula.m81 an instrument or a musical piece?

It is a bayonet dividing you + me - though we are still the same.
     - I doubt it.
     - This is where you remember that you have a nose and it is stuck in a bottle.

>12.  Experimental arts also worked on dissolving the borders between
>high-brow and low-brow culture. 

And bodies.

>A lot of musical setups and tools are using
>a kind of avantgarde approach in a public sphere, 

scena 0+25. 

>offering it not only to a
>small group of insiders, but to everyone. 

Reciprocal relationship between the divine and the ordinary.

>to everyone. 

The specified server could not be found.

>Does net music bring popular and
>experimental music closer together?

Extending the architecture of their sensualities into time.

>13. What´s interesting about networked music? 

What's in the bottle +?

>What´s your musical utopia for the net? 


   -   dze zueet game ov be!ng 2.

! oftn kame 2 ur shouldr 2 zleep
not dzat ! uaz afra!d ov dy!ng
[dze rez!gnaz!on 2 death reuardz uz u!th pla! \ dze game]
but dze teror ov faz!ng 01 empt! m!ror -

m! ver! z!lensz u!ch plantz !n m! m9nd aufl doubtz about ever!dz!ng

an `us`

dzat meanz `u` + `me`

an `us`

d!frnt 4rom dze falsz plural
u!ch ekz!ztz onl! b! m! prezensz
+ rema!nz uen !tz komponentz d!m!n!sh 
!nkreasz or var!

01 k!nd ov `uz` 
u!ch !z > dzn an ekztenz!on ov `m!`

d!sz real!t! dzat u kould deztro!
az uel az ! ___... or betr

all d!sz zanz ekzamplz
!n abztrakt 4rm 4 ... 
d!sz long zpeech u!ch !z `!`

much az ! turn 2 u 
m! love

!z but 01 kaztaua!.z konze!pt

 ! za! u

! d!v!de

betu!n u + !
az !f !t uear all uel
+ though at t!mez
! doubt !t
d!sz !z uen ! remembr
dzat ! m zt!l zane.

>Thank you for your answers!

Are you threatening me +?

I think you are.


Of course if you aren't I may still think so. These things take time.

let it grow over and become wild.
need to take care of it just a little in the beginning....
plant different seeds sequentially.

<more than anything

>then it should be easy

!t hapnd ver! z!mpl!.
! hapnd 2 b read!ng 01 v.duzt! bouquet ov z!lkuorm cocoonz zuzpendd 4rom dr! 
branchez r!z!ng 4rom 01 kolorlesz vaze.


because active involvement 

I wish it to be winter.
for I wish to|winter kiss.

on the other side, 

Same place is everywhere.

to concepts like an automatic


that is being brought about by musically
untrained people? 

Like a pain that is always deserved.

interesting can music be 

Your business travel is made more pleasant than ever before
dinsdag tot zaterdag.

8.  How 


>6.  Which technical tools or options of musical communication via the net do
>you miss? 

Body stress!!!!!!!!!!  Pulsing in \ out of 01 delicious zkr!!!!!!!!!!!!!m


>1.How do you 
>describe yourself / your profession?

freedom isnt important.



>        \iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wish to conduct an interview

kriiiketz must be sensing something da ____....

`___... did you enjoy it when it came +?`

endless fad!ng.

digital breathing.


\no flowers\

                 same face every where

hallucinated. konfused. intoxicated.


rekurrent exc!tat!on ||

of all my many mouths i am but one
quite near _____

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