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Table of Contents:

   AGORA 2002: NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN MEDIA LITERACY                                  
     "ALAS" <>                                                   

     "Saul Albert" <>                                      

   [transmediale] club transmediale.02 | NEWSLETTER #2 | Screenings                
     club transmediale <>                                        

   ( ( ( N O R A D I O ) ) )                                                       
     "noweb" <>                                                        

   TENT CITY III                                                                                                                         

   On view at Post Media Network February- Ma                                      
     Michele Thursz <>                                      

   for the Announcer                                                               
     "k" <>                                                    

   Free Radio Linux - launching 03.02.02                                           
     honor <>                                                         

   sound art performance                                                           
     artclay <>                                                  

   [CSL] Incubation2 Conference on Writing & the Internet:            Registration 
     Alan Sondheim <>                                              

   Surveillance & Control: an event on surveillance technologies & new media art, M
     honor <>                                                         


Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 20:27:26 +0200
From: "ALAS" <>

from Athens Digital Arts Festival "e-phos"
new tel: 003010-7520064-5
fax: 003010-7520064

this might interest many of you

"Annual Mediterranean Regional Summit AGORA 2002"  -  Athens, Greece =

Supervised by the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute
Produced by European Childrens' Television Center
Organized by Childrens' Media Development

Focused on New Technologies in Media Literacy, AGORA 2002 aims to bring
together some of the most prolific researchers, producers and innovators
from the field of ICT and education, while providing unique =
for synergies and investements in the fast developing marketplace of the
Mediterranean basin.

Enclosed find a synopsis of AGORA 2002 program, as well as details for
participation, to a unique platform of possibilities for synergies and
investments on the children's audiovisual environment of the =


AGORA 2002 kicks off the 15th of June with the MED=C9=D4=C5RRANEAN YOUTH =
OBSERVATORY one day conference. Members and partners of the MedObs'
international network aim to influence the policies related to Youth and
Media and to open to the Mediterranean basin new cooperations schemes on
this field with the rest of the world.
For more info on the MED OBSERVATORY and how to participate please =
the MedOb coordinator and head of the steering committee, Mr. Rodolfos
Maslias .

In the following day, June the 16th, in collaboration with Italian =
Ragazzi, AGORA will host the CHILDRENS' CHANNELS FORUM. Thematic =
for children from different countries all over the world will compare =
experiences and cooperate in order to create a real and useful network =
exchange products, projects and ideas. The forum will be complemented by =
attempt to
underline the necessities of both the researchers and the Media =
For more info contact the TV Coordinator, Mrs. Vasso Kanellopoulou .

NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN MEDIA LITERACY will be the thematic axis of the =
scheduled for the third day, 17th of June. This part-conference,
part-hands-on-lab will bring together electronic media producers and
e-content programmers, researchers, digital artists, media tutors, media
education designers, psychologists and children; anyone who is involved =
the making of a school for the future.
For more info on the NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN MEDIA LITERACY and how to
participate contact Mr. Yianni Skourogianni

Another ECTC initiative that will be presented for illumination the 17th =
June in AGORA, is the MEDIA SUMMER SCHOOL. Conceived as a summer =
camp where old and new will meet, analogue and digital will infuse, the
first Mediterranean school for children has been programmed to open its
doors in 2004, at the village of  Giffoni, Southern Italy.  AGORA will =
the first of a series of preparatory workshops where new concepts, =
desings and applications on interactive media education will be debated, =
discussed. For more info contact Mr. George Christakeas,

The last day of AGORA, 18th of June, is dedicated to Collaboration =
On of the initiatives that will be presented and the WORLD
SPORTS EXPO FOR YOUTH 2004 project. WSE is a global exhibition to be
organized in Athens in July and August 2004. The exhibition is to =
visual, audiovisual and web-based creations addressed to children as =
well as
art  creations produced  by children. It will carry out an indicative
mapping of the international situation and a wide-ranging and detailed
presentation of global realities at an historic moment when the Olympic
Games are returning to their birthplace.
For more info on WORLD SPORTS EXPO FOR YOUTH 2004 and how to participate
please contact Mrs. Eugenia Liroudia .

For info on booking a stand regulations at the AGORA market you may =
contact .


Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 17:52:08 -0800
From: "Saul Albert" <>
Subject: Dorkbotlondon#3



this Wednesday, the 6th February starting at 7pm.

please arrive on time-ish, the talks start pretty soon after 7.


people doing strange things with electricity.  a kind of monthly
meeting of people creating or with an interest in electronic art.
admission is free, open to all and there is no affiliation or funding.


state51, rhoda street, off the top of brick lane, london e2

map (arrow marks the spot):

state51 is a factory surrounded by a metal fence and has 'state51' in
big letters on the gate.

this is just a temporary venue change - check the venue each month!


this month, three people will give short(ish) talks to an audience of
about 40-50 people, showing some cool things or ideas they realised
using electricity.

Rolf Gehlhaar - chaos / antichaos : gestures, sounds & images
nullpointer   - Pixel-Map  p
Simon Wistow  - games and generative music

there are fewer talks than last time, not because we don't have enough
people (the following, wed. march 13th dorkbot is already booked up with
excellent speakers), but because we thought we'd experiment with leaving
more time for ad-hoc demonstrations and general chatter and drinking.
this is based on much appreciated feedback, keep it coming!

the original dorkbot, dorkbotnyc will also meet at 7pm their time -
check the website for more info:


we skipped a month due to predicted tiredness, pain and general
absence following the new year.



see you there!

.........dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricity..........


Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 11:15:22 +0200
From: club transmediale <>
Subject: [transmediale] club transmediale.02 | NEWSLETTER #2 | Screenings

C L U B  T R A N S M E D I A L E.02

5.- 17. Februar 2002

E _ Werk | Wilhelmstrasse (gegenüber Finanzministerium) | Berlin Mitte
täglich ab 21:00 (Eröffnung am DI 5.2., ab 22:00)

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

- - Screenings
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

>>>Diese Jahr hat sich der club transmediale endlich einen Rahmen gegeben!!!!

Täglich zwischen 21Uhr und 22.30Uhr gibt es die Möglichkeit sich diesem
Rahmen zu widmen, außer natürlich zum Eröffnungsabend am 5.2.2002 wo es
gleich um 22 Uhr losgeht.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Wie im Bereich der DJs sind viele VJs auch Produzenten in einem anderen
Format als die reine Clubperformance. Was für den DJ der Track ist, ist für
>den VJ der Clip. Dieses Jahr erkunden wir daher die Weiten der
Musikvideoclip-Produktion abseits der kommerziellen Musiksender.

>>Mittwoch, den 6.2.2002 Wiederholung: Dienstag, den 12.2.2002
Abstrakte digitale Videolips zusammengestellt für das Sonic Acts Festival in
Amsterdam von dem niederländischen Videokünstler und VJ minuszero aka Lucas
Van der Velden.

WALKING ON ICE (2001) - audio by frank bretschneider/ video by lia +
HINTERGRUND(mogway remix) (2000) - audio by pluramon / video by eric bernaud
DREAM (1999) - audio by curd duca / video by einar
EXPOSED (1997) - audio by porter ricks / video by karen vanderbought
PANTONE (2001) - audio by to rococo rot / video by sebastian kutscher
DO DEKOR (2001) - music by jan jelinek / video by sebastian kutscher
TELEMA (1999) - music by to rococo rot / video by sebastian kutscher
GO! SPASTIC (2001) - audio by squarepusher / video by patrick o brien and
shawn killebrew
PLAISTOW FLEX OUT (2001) - audio by squarepusher /  by mitch and pink
THE EXPLODING PSYCHOLOGY (2001) - audio by squarepusher / video by kaspar
daugaard and stefan mylleager
BORAX (endorphins remix)(2001) - audio by speedy j / video by bong - ra +
SALT LAKE DESERT (2000) - audio by dettinger / video by dlf
FENISCH (2001) - audio by phako / video by minuszero
BOLNES (2001) - audio by eog / video by minuszero

- - http:/

>>Donnerstag 7.2. pop hoch n kuratiert von Antje Weitzel und Mirjam Wenzel
>>Wiederholung: Sonntag, den 17.2.2002
Aus einer anderen Richtung nähern sich dem Phänomen Musikclip Antje Weitzel
und Mirjam Wenzel:

"Der von verschiedenen Seiten und Interessengruppen unterschiedlichst
besetzte Dummy-Begriff Pop bildet einen losen Zusammenhang zwischen den
präsentierten Videoarbeiten, in denen Rollenmodelle und
Identifikationsschablonen nachgezeichnet werden. Dabei spielen die Arbeiten
weniger auf musikalischer als auf visueller Ebene mit dem genrespezifischen
Repertoire, in dessen Zentrum neben werbewirksamer Selbstinszenierung,
Lifestyle-Design und Trendthemen stehen. Die Videos bedienen sich dieser
Szenarien, Attitudes und Rituale, brechen sie jedoch ironisch-humorvoll in
der überzeichneten stereotypen Inszenierung. Gleichzeitig werden in dieser
Brechung nicht nur der prototypische Fundus an Gesten, Posen und Abläufen
kommerzieller Musikclips kommentiert, sondern auch das Pop-Business
Das Programm stellt künstlerische Videos neben Musikclips und überschreitet
die Grenzen zwischen den verschiedenen Bereichen und Kontexten, in denen
gegenwärtig Musikvideos produziert und rezipiert werden. Es umfaßt Arbeiten
von Rosa Barba / mouse on mars, dare art.creative lab / little computer
people, Falk Büttner / figurine, Tobias Bernstrup, Peaches, Undine Goldberg,
Deborah Schamoni / chicks on speed, Oliver Husain, Michael Klöfkorn / Jan
Delay / commercial breakup, Pink Productions, Jürgen Lege / Jereon Tel, Eve
Hurforth, Phillip Menzel und wurde von Antje Weitzel und Mirjam Wenzel

>>Samstag, 9.2. Berlin Clubvideo Teil 2 von
Schon der erste Teil der Berlin-Clubvideo-Compilation hat uns allen Freude
bereitet: Ein guter Überblick über die Stars der Berliner VJ-Szene.  Nun,
allen Gerüchten zum Trotz, Teil 2 bei club transmediale. Böse Zungen meinen,
es sei ja diesmal nur die zweite Garde, aber wir sagen, es ist die andere
Seite des Sahnehäubchens der Berliner VJs: Tappo Kontakt, Pfadfinderei,
Frame Farmers, Codec und andere

>>Mittwoch, den 13.2. Ambient Line 02
Nach Ambient Line 01 hier das zweite Videoscreeningprogramm zum Thema Club
der transmediale 02. Die Beweisführung, daß der Club zu einem eigenständigem
Ort digitaler Kunst geworden ist. Mit Arbeiten von: Maria Gusberti.notdef,
Norbert Pfaffenbichler, ReMi, Bas van Koolwijk etc.

>>Donnerstag, den 14.2. YUV Screeningprogramm
Frau Weitzel und Frau Wenzel zeigen uns nicht nur pop hoch n, sondern
auch folgendes:

"Das Kürzel YUV bezeichnet die Licht- und Farbwerte eines Videobildes und
beschreibt dessen Aufbau. Die unter diesem Kürzel präsentierten
Konzeptvideos unternehmen eine vergleichbare Dekonstruktion: sie reduzieren
das visuelle Arsenal auf soundgesteuerte Anordnungen von Farbflächen und
Linien und unterstreichen den non-figurativen Charakter von elektronischer
Musik. Im Unterschied zu Musikvideos, in denen die Performance von Bands,
Stars und Menschenkörpern bildhaft angereichert werden, stellen sich die
präsentierten Videos vor allem als Visualisierung eines konzeptionellen
Textes dar. Eines Textes, der von menschenleeren Stadtlandschaften,
audiovisuellen Empfangsstörungen, geometrischen Formkompositionen wie
digitalen Codes erzählt und sich im Rhythmus von Beat und Schnitt beständig
neu strukturiert. Die von diesem Text gespeisten  Videoarbeiten beschreiben
ein sowohl analog als auch digital generiertes Feld, das sich zwischen
avantgardistischem (Trick-)Film der zwanziger Jahre und gegenwärtiger
VJ-Culture aufspannt und somit eine visuelle Archäologie von elektronischer
Musik ermöglicht.."
Das Screening präsentiert Arbeiten von Phillip Geist / tied and tickled trio
/ Kpt. Michi.Gan, Salome Machidze (Goslab) / Nikakoi, Oliver Hardt & Sunah
Choi / Albrecht Kunze, Rosa Barba / mouse on mars, HC Gilje, Lillevän /
Rechenzentrum / Georg Zeitblom, Thomas Scheffer, Pietro Sanguineti / Markus
Schneider, Sebastian Kutscher / Antonelli Electric, pReview / Georg
Zeitblom, Tappo Kontakt / Phako, Oliver Hardt / lamé gold, Andreas
Schimanski und anderen. Es wurde von Antje Weitzel und Mirjam Wenzel

- --

club transmediale.02
05 - 17. february 2002

kastanienallee 34
10435 berlin

fon ++49 (0)30 44 04 18 52
fax ++49 (0)30 44 04 58 27


[go public !]
international media art festival berlin
05. - 10 february 2002

find more information at

the information list of transmediale
international media art festival berlin


Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 00:30:22 +0100
From: "noweb" <>
Subject: ( ( ( N O R A D I O ) ) ) 

( ( ( N O R A D I O ) ) )

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : :

A U D I O  P R O G R A M  :
[GMT+01:00][Mp3 Stream]

: : : : : : [connection @] : : : : : :

This night !!!...
05/02/2002 -
21h30>09h30 (09:30pm>09:30am)

Dj Punisher et son chien
12h non-stop Mp3 stream

: : : : : : [connection @] : : : : : :

Teleconnect Audio Distant Live Stream :
[connection @]
12/02/2002 - 23h00 (11:00pm)
*Duo Bille - La p'tite maison
J.Pergolesi & P.Petitgenet
from Strasbourg [FR]

Mobil Event Organization unofficial stream :
09/02/2002 21h30(09:30pm)
*SOLI - party
szczym & .txt
from Berlin [GE]

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : :

( ( ( N O M U S I C ) ) )  T O U R N A M E N T
*Open Call to Players :
Deadline: 26/03/2002
- -Audio Live only via Network
- -Good internet access needed
*N F O :
*Submission :
*Contact :

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : :

- -----------------------------------------------------
u   n   s   u   b   s   c   r   i   b   e


Date: Tue,  5 Feb 2002 10:56:52 -0800


The Independent Media Center Gallery is proud to present The Tent City Campaign, a photographic exhibition by Petter Goldstine February 9 through February 28, 2002.  This exhibit documents daily life during the time Petter spent living in Tent City III from April 1 to June 17, 2001. A homeless camp, Tent City III provides a community away from the streets, and is housed by churches throughout the neighborhoods of Seattle.

The Independent Media Center Gallery is located at 1415 3rd Avenue in downtown Seattle. 206-328-9361.

Hours of operation: 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 12pm-3pm 
Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm-8pm. 


Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 11:17:59 -0800
From: Michele Thursz <>
Subject: On view at Post Media Network February- Ma

On view at
Post Media Network
February- March

Featured Artist
Carlo Zanni

#2 issue of Dialogue
Claire Barliant interview with Carlo Zanni about zanni's Icon portraits

Featured media
series of six multi sound environments

Mark Napier
" Feed"
Real time web digest. Streaming aesthetic content in a customized display.

Cory Arcangel
"Ram" 128 MEGS of the RAM 6/26/01 at 8:46pm interpreted into a 50x25 pixel 
2 bit [4 grays] movie with an audio track of 16bit 44k audio. 11:58:06 in 

Download able Media
Chaiki of

"m-sonic" is a series of experimental interactive animations made for PDA, 
personal digital assistance. Users can play the animations on pocketPC with 
flash plug-in in the palm of their hand.

Yael kanerak
"Roam 1.0" is a first person exploration terrain. In the context of World 
of Awe, Roam provides an interpretation of the Sunset/Sunrisethe desert 
terrain where the traveler's hunt for the lost treasure takes place.

Upcoming events:
" ICON" @ Remote: Sunday March 3, 2002
"Freak Out Battle Scene" presented by curator Michael Williams
WHITNEYBIENNIAL.COM: Opening: March 05, 06 ,07 2002
Concept Origin: miltos manetas

*The Network, archive and More
Portfolios showcase the artists on the network, the digital studio and the 
marketable physical and virtual objects.
Represented artists:
Cory Arcangel, Carlos Casado, Andy Deck, Angie Eng, Fakeshop, Katrin 
Grotepass, Yael Kanarek, Willy Le Maitre & Eric Rosenveig, Golan Levin, 
Michael Mandiberg, Kevin & Jennifer McCoy, Yucef Merhi, Sally Minker, 
Joseph Nechvatal, Michael Rees, Carlos Zanni, and the on-line exhibition of 
Mark Tribe "net.ephemera" located in portfolios


Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 15:56:38 -0500
From: "k" <>
Subject: for the Announcer

+ + +

Year Zero One presents:
the Splash Page Project

Starting on February 1, 2002, Year Zero One is opening its splash
page as an exhibition space for artists that will operate on a
bimonthly basis.  A roster of international net.artists have been
invited to show their work in this forum.

We are pleased to launch this venture with a piece by Mouchette:
"Mouchette at the". Please visit to
view the work.  To see more of Mouchette's work, please visit her
website at

The Splash Page Project is curated by Michelle Kasprzak.
If you have a proposal for this space, please e-mail:

Year Zero One is an on-line artist run centre which operates as a
network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media
through web based exhibitions, an extensive media arts
directory/bulletin, and the Year01 Forum - an electronic art journal.

+ + +


Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 20:04:12 +0000
From: honor <>
Subject: Free Radio Linux - launching 03.02.02


r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


03.02.02 -> 2003
0000  [ GMT ]
0100  [ Central European Time ]
1900  [ US Eastern Standard Time - 02.02.02 ]
0530  [ Indian Standard Time ]
1100  [ Australian Eastern Summer Time ]
1300  [ New Zealand Time ]

The time is GMT 20:02, 02.02.02.

In 4 hours time it will be February 3, and the fourth anniversary of the
day the Open Source Initiative <> coined the term
'open source' as a label for freely published source code
To mark this occasion, r a d i o q u a l i a are launching the first distribution of the world's most popular open source software -
the operating system, Linux.

Free Radio Linux is an online and on-air radio station. The sound
transmission is a computerised reading of the entire source code used to
create the Linux Kernel, the basis of all distributions of Linux.

Each line of code is read by an automated computer voice - a
utility built by r a d i o q u a l i a.  The's output is encoded
into an audio stream, using the open source codec, Ogg Vorbis
<>, and sent out live on the internet.  FM, AM and
Shortwave radio stations from around the world will also relay the audio
stream on various occasions.

The Linux kernel contains 4,141,432 millions lines of code.  Reading the
entire kernel will take an estimated 14253.43 hours, or 593.89 days.
Listeners can track the progress of Free Radio Linux by listening to the
audio stream, or checking the text-based progress field in the ./listen
section of the website <>


Since Finnish programmer Linus Torvalds
<http://www.cs.Helsinki.FI/u/torvalds/> started development of the
operating system, Linux in 1991, the collaborative model of software
development has reached profound new heights.  Consisting of millions of
lines of source code, Linux has been mutated, improved and sent spiraling
off into new directions by literally thousands of programmers from all
around the world. This is because Torvalds promoted a simple approach to
the development of Linux: he made the code available for users of the
operating system to read, view and alter. Sharing their ideas on the
software and potential improvements was a core part of Torvalds' ethic.
Due to the extraordinary success of Linux, the ethic of code sharing has
reached new heights of popularity. Code sharing is no longer a process
specific to computer science, rather it has become an ideology embraced by
business, the computer using public, and a multitude of cultural, artistic
and academic sectors. When Linux won one of electronic art's most
prestigious prizes, the Prix Ars Electronica
<> for .net excellence
in 1999, Open Source completed its journey from a prosaic functional
process to a phenomenon verging on art.


In the hierarchy of media, radio reigns. There are more computers than
modems, more phones than computers, and more radios than phones. Radio is
the closest we have to an egalitarian method of information distribution.
Free Radio Linux advocates that radio is the best method for distributing
the world's most popular free software.

Free Radio Linux is therefore be a networked broadcast system, transmitting
on ether-net via open source audio codec, Ogg Vorbis and relayed on AM,
Shortwave and FM frequencies, by a collection of ham radio amateurs and
radio professionals.

Free Radio Linux also continues the tradition of FM 'code stations' of the
early-mid eighties. These stations were pirate broadcasters who distributed
bootleg software programmes via radio transmitters, allowing early hackers
with home computers, such as Sinclair ZX80-81s, Commodore 64s, and Acorns,
to demodulate the signal through a modem and run the code. The modern day
equivalent, Free Radio Linux, similarly enables anyone with notepad to
transcribe the code and utilise it at his or her convenience.


To listen to Free Radio Linux online, users must have:
- - a computer
- - an internet connection
- - an MP3 Player
- - the Ogg Vorbis codec

MP3 players and the Ogg Vorbis codec can be downloaded from the ./listen
section of the Free Radio Linux website:
Ogg Vorbis is compatible with Linux, Windows and Max OSX operating systems.

- -------------->  Ogg Vorbis + Icecast
Free Radio Linux utilises Ogg Vorbis because it is one of the only open
source streaming audio codecs available.  Whereas, MP3 is a patented
technology (owned by Fraunhofer IIS-A <>, Thomson,
and others ) Ogg Vorbis is a free, open, and unpatented.

Encoding is enabled using the free Oddsock DSP plugin for Winamp. This
encoder converts the live audio input from the into a streaming
Ogg Vorbis file. This file is then sent as a 'continuous stream' to the
Free Radio Linux is served via a Icecast2 <> server
for Unix, located at Montevideo <> in Amsterdam.
This server is part of the Open Source Streaming Alliance

- -------------->
Free Radio Linux is enabled by a, which opens each individual
page of the Linux kernel and converts the text to speech. Punctuation and
special characters are read as Latin Unicode . For example '=' is read as
'equals sign'.


Free Radio Linux is commissioned by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center
<> with the support of the Jerome Foundation, USA.

- - Streaming server provided by Montevideo Time Based Arts, Netherlands.
- - website design by Vedran Gulin, mi2lab, Croatia.
- - r a d i o q u a l i a would also like to thank :
Robert Geus, Virtual Artists, Elizabeth Zimmerman/Kunstradio, Oliver
Thuns/,, Rene Leithof, Michael Jordan/,
Matthew Leonard/Radio NZ, XS4ALL, Dave Mandl/WMFU, Micz Flor, Ted Byfield,
Susan Kennard/Radio 90, Georgie Knight, Chris Barker, Nik Gaffney, Mr.Snow,
Jenny Marketou, and Steve Dietz.


ph: +44 20 76841859


r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


f  r e q u e n c y  s h i f t i n g  p a r a d i g m s
i n  s t r e a m i n g  a u d i o

supported by virtual artists (VA)


Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 11:19:20 +0100
From: artclay <>
Subject: sound art performance

sound art performance

art clay, live electronic & found objects

the Logos Foundation
Kongostraat 35
B-9000 Gent, Belgium
14 febuary 2002
8 o=92clock pm

more info:

(excuse for xpostings)

- ------------------------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

two music.compositions & three pieces & an informative text:


The pieces presented in the performance don=92t sound, they crack, break,=

squeak, squeal etc. etc. etc.   and in reaction against the hero worship
so established at the prayer meetings of classical people known as
concerts. and today in the crack between two centuries and during
ultraglobal happysaddness life, i/you/we/them have found other solutions
to the virtuous via the daily. example? ok: we turn the tv on and zap
thru channels faster than superman flies to snatch louis lane, faster
than paganini could skip across violin strings.  our remote controls are
our daily bread for which we pray. we, yes we, are no longer subject to
time; we can freeze people, places and things. further: mute, blind and
lam them (in the middle of a word(s) or (re)action), or even in a case
of imaginary capitol punishment zap them into the oblivious realm of the
black known as =91off=92.  today we, including you, are fake, living as a=

desktop alias. About this performance alias music alias possibility? ok:
i concentrate on what lies around me, my house, my world. what? ok: the
debris in the crack of the two centuries i stand stuck in. my coffee
cups, my paper, my vinyl, my glass, my pavorotti, my megaphonics, etc.
etc. etc.  we ((the royal (ad)version)) don=92t need more highcultur
anymore for that; no for we have our utensils, our collection of ofs.
what? ok:  our mind and our body:: wrapped up in easy consumer
electronics. The thing thing electrified with a mike mixer thing thing
brought to you by japan and continuing to communicate to all worldly per
air waveform at high/low decibel, short/long & big/small wave thing
thing.  this idea continued on channel one through sixteen: Getting to
the point/border, i/me present you/them the sound of non? sound(ing)
thing(s) musics. microsounds amped up. feedback tuckedup into the coffee
cup ketchup bottle dowap bebob burp thing with variations on this
non?musical material non?art objects of various porous/nonporous
objective (in terms of the daily) earthly items (sometimes) found
at/in/on stores here/there/anywhere infecting us with gutter reduced
supermarket prices. final comment, finally: listen=3Dlisten; dig=3Denjoy;=

understand=3Dnonpossible; all=3D ||:click&pop:|| culture. and a final
conclusion, finally: john cage has left us; lara croft wears fake
polygons; nn is a total _____(s). And oh, did they mention it?
censorship is global. be invited to listen & nonparticipate!

artclay, zuerich, almost 2002

art clay

lives in berlin + in basel. self taught irregardless of the possession
of diplomas for music and languages. determined goals reached through
indeterminate means, or as necessary or forced. due to contact with the
works or persons on the following list, hopelessly bond to the
twentieth  and twentieth first centuries: leonardo da vinci, buckminster
fuller, sun ra, john cage, marcel duchamp, billy name.  works concerning
the use of modern media including various genre for sound and image such
as video, photography, music and performance.  performance x-perience
(in all media of own and not own compositions) here and there, worldly,
international and @ home. instrumental virtuosity obtained on: flute,
computer and the german language. has a home page: just one klick+klick


Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 21:15:35 -0500 (EST)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: [CSL] Incubation2 Conference on Writing & the Internet:            Registration now open (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 08:49:19 +0000
From: Joanne Roberts <joanne.roberts@DURHAM.AC.UK>
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Subject: [CSL] Incubation2 Conference on Writing & the Internet:
      Registration now open

We are pleased to announce that registration is now available for
Incubation, the Second Conference on Writing and the Internet, to be
held at
The Nottingham Trent University, UK  on 15th-17th July 2002.

Main speakers include:

Lizzie Jackson, Editor, Communities, BBCi
Talan Memmott, winner of the trAce/Alt-X New Media Writing Award for his

work "Lexia to Perplexia" and
Robin Rimbaud, sound artist, on working with digital texts and sounds.

Incubation2 is the second trAce International Conference on Writing &
Internet, and the premier international event for writers working on the

web. In 2000 it attracted delegates from around the world, including
America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Holland, Norway, Slovenia and
2002 promises to be even bigger. Incubation2 is not just a chance to
some of the best writers working on the web today. It will provide a
showcase for the writing of the future and offer a glimpse into the work
writers who use the internet to develop ground-breaking content: poetry
sound and images, personal histories, news, journalism, stories with
multiple endings. This is writing on the web, for the web, and about the


The conference is a significant opportunity for writers to extend their
professional development, learn new skills, and interact with some of
leading writers and artists working online today. There will be
opportunities to meet with writers who have made a significant
to this new form, as well as the chance for writers to show their own
and look at other people's. There will be skills-based workshops and
feedback workshops, panel discussions, presentations, demonstrations and

performances, and plenty of opportunity to network and meet those people
only ever knew online.

An archive of pictures, sound recordings and comments about the previous

Incubation conference in 2000 is also available.

We hope we will be meeting you in July.

trAce Online Writing Centre
The Nottingham Trent University
Clifton Lane
Nottingham NG11 8NS
Tel: ++44 (0)115 8486360
Fax: ++44 (0)115 8486364

Distributed through Cyber-Society-Live [CSL]: CSL is a moderated discussion
list made up of people who are interested in the interdisciplinary academic
study of Cyber Society in all its manifestations.To join the list please visit:


Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 10:49:34 +0000
From: honor <>
Subject: Surveillance & Control: an event on surveillance technologies & new media art, March, Tate Modern



Surveillance and Control
A half-day conference in March

< sincere apologies to anyone who receives this twice, or receives this in 
error.  Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested >


1400 - 1830 [ GMT ]
1500 - 1930 [ Central European Time ]
0900 - 1330 [ US Eastern Standard Time ]
1930 - 0000 [ Indian / Culcutta Time ]
0100 - 0530 [ Australian Eastern Summer Time, 10 March]
0300 - 0730 [ New Zealand Summer Time, 10 March ]


Starr Auditorium, Level 2, Tate Modern, London, UK


As part of Tate Modern's Interpretation and Education programme, a half day 
conference on surveillance technologies and new media art will be take 
place. SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL considers widespread uses of electronic 
surveillance, analysing recent social and political developments, and 
asking how various surveillance technologies have impacted on new media art 

Tickets £10 (£5 concessions)

Bookings are now being accepted for this event.
To book tickets to attend, please ring Tate Ticketing on: 020 7887 8888 or 
email <>.


We are living in a medialised society. Surveillance devices are used 
increasingly to monitor physical space, while the operation of global 
interception systems show the vulnerability of electronic space. The 
increasing ubiquity of surveillance has radically transformed the relation 
between public and private spheres, as well as the very nature of political 
and technological control.

This half day conference will probe recent developments in surveillance 
debates.  Investigative journalist, Duncan Campbell and media theorist, 
Eric Kluitenberg look at issues such as the use of the English/American 
automated interception and relay system, Echelon, and the controversial 
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPa), which updates UK law on the 
interception of communications.
Presentations by artists, Marko Peljhan, Kate Rich and Julia Scher will ask 
how artists are responding to, or subverting the surveillance strategies 
employed by the commercial and governmental sectors.


- - Julia Scher, USA
Julia Scher is an artist, who’s work focuses on the subjects surveillance 
and cyber-sphere. Aiming at the exposure of dangers and ideologies of 
monitoring systems, Scher creates temporary and transitory 
web/installation/performance works that explore issues of power, control 
and seduction. She has lectured at Harvard University, Princeton University 
and Rutgers University.
Online data: interview:

- - Marko Peljhan, Slovenia
Marko Peljhan is a media artist and founder of the organisation, Projekt 
Atol, which runs Makrolab, an autonomous communications, research and 
living unit. Makrolab has been shown at documentaX in Kassel in 1997, on 
Rottnest Island-Wadjemup, Australia in 2000, and will be installed at 
Tramway in Glasgow, Scotland  in 2002.
Online data:

- - Kate Rich, UK / Australia
Kate Rich is a video engineer for BIT (Bureau of Inverse Technology). BIT 
develops data, tracking and visualisation devices for critical deployment, 
such as the SUICIDE BOX vertical motion recorder, the BIT PLANE miniature 
spyplane, and the BANG BANG camera network.
Online data:

- - Duncan Campbell, UK
Scottish born Duncan Campbell is an investigative journalist, author, 
consultant and television producer specialising in privacy, civil liberties 
and secrecy issues. His best-known investigations have led to major legal 
clashes with successive British governments. In 1988, he revealed the 
existence of the ECHELON project, which has since 1997 become controversial 
throughout the world and especially in Europe.
Online data:

- - Eric Kluitenberg, Netherlands
Eric Kluitenberg is a writer, theorist and organiser of culture and 
technology events. He lives in Amsterdam and currently works for De Balie, 
Centre for Culture and Politics, where in 2001 he organised The Society of 
Control - a event showcasing artists' use of electronic observation 
Online data: De Balie:


This event will be presented live on the Tate website, as part of Tate’s 
Webcasting Programme. You can experience the event live online in audio and 
video using the Real Player.
To find out more, visit: <>.
If you haven't experienced Tate Modern's webcasts before, please visit our 
technical help page:

For more on this event, see:
or contact:
Honor Harger, Webcasting Curator, Interpretation & Education, Tate Modern
PH: (44) 020 7401 5066

For more information about Tate or getting tickets for the event:
Tate Box Office
PH: (44) 020 7887 8888


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