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[Nettime-bold] Broadcasters Outraged over Proposed Reporting Rules


Utterly insane but true (far as I can tell).

Responses of some broadcasters are also included at the URL above.



Broadcasters Outraged over Proposed Reporting Rules
Tuesday February 19, 2002

The Copyright Office has published its notice of proposed rulemaking
regarding the recordkeeping and reporting standards around streaming
and internet radio initiatives.

Broadcasters, to say the least, are stunned as the Copyright Office
followed almost to the letter the RIAA's wish list. Under the proposed
rules radio stations, internet stations, and satellite companies would
have to report the following information about every streamed program:

A) The name of the service
B) The channel of the program (AM/FM stations use station id)
C) The type of program (Archived/Looped/Live)
D) Date of Transmission
E) Time of Transmission
F) Time zone of origination of Transmission
G) Numeric designation of the place of the sound recording within the
H) Duration of transmission (to nearest second)
I) Sound Recording Title
J) The ISRC code of the recording
K) The release year of the album per copyright notice and in the case
   of compilation albums, the release year of the album and copyright
   date of the track
L) Featured recording artist
M) Retail album title
N) The recording Label
O) The UPC code of the retail album
P) The catalog number
Q) The copyright owner information
R) The musical genre of the channel or program (station format)

And a listener's log listing:
1) The name of the service or entity
2) The channel or program
3) the date and time that the user logged in (the user's timezone)
4) the date and time that the user logged out (the user's timezone)
5) The time zone where the signal was received (user)
6) Unique User identifier
7) The country in which the user received the transmissions

All of this information and more would be required to be in a specific
data file format and reported.

Broadcasters are outraged because this would be a tremendous burden
and involves collecting information that they just don't have. The
RIAA states that the information is easily obtainable and that they
have several licensees currently reporting this level of information.

Comments on the proposed rules are due by March 11.

Dave Mandl

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