richard moyo on Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:49:02 +0100 (CET)

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Dear Sir,

With due respect,trust and humility I write this
letter to you seeking your help and assistance though
it isdifficult since we have not had any
correspondence before now.I got your good contact
through South Africa Information Exchange (SAIE)
regarding your personal and business profile and I
sincerely believe that you are capable to handle this
urgent International transaction of this sort.

I am Richard Moyo the son of Dr Micheal Moyo a
Zimbabwean Politician/businessman who was kidnapped
this year by disident militants suspected to have the
backing of the incumbent president Mugabe because of
my fathers outspokenness against his decision to seize
white owned farms and freely give them to blacks
without any compensation to the original white owners
in order to secure votes in the next election and this
has led to the death of many blacks and whites since
it started.

Sir,four days after my father was kidnapped he managed
to snick a written message to me and my brother
explaining his condition and one diplomatic box he
concealed under the roof of his private bedroom which
contains the sum of US$13.5 Million.This money was
contributed by his party, Movement for Democratic
Change of Zimbabwe ( MDC ), to battle president Mugabe
in case he trys to manipulate electoral results in
next year election since Zimbabweans are tried of  his

He intructed us to move out of Zimbabwe for our safety
with th money which we successfully did and now we are
in South Africa with this money deposited in a private
security company.And because of the country's existing
laws which bare Asylum Seekers /refugees like us to
operate an account that exceeds US$5thousand
dollars,therefore,this is where we seriously and
urgently need your assistance for this money to be
transfer in your account pending on our arrival to
your country.Is important you understand that this is
hundred per-cent risk free as no other source knows
about this fund or our where about.

As for your reward for your kind assistance,we have
agreed to give you 25% of the total sum and 10% mapped
out for any expenses we might incurred in the course
of the transfer and we intend to use 65% to invest in
your country under your guidance. Finally,I urge you
to give this transaction the highly needed
confidentiality it deserves,and promise me that you
are not going to use your position and sit on this
fund if finally transferred into your account as our
life and future depends on this money as we do not
know what the futuer holds for our father since our
mother died a year ago.

Sir, I will be much obliged if you give this urgent
attention.Please do notify me on my phone number +27-
83 -994 -0707 or fax me on +27-72-2131775. Looking
forward to hear from you.

Best regards,
For the family.

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