Kenji Siratori on Wed, 20 Feb 2002 12:05:02 +0100 (CET)

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limit=sadistic soul of the desert that floats the brain of the fatalities
and control the parasite=absence of the sun to the sonic placenta of the
pantheon the light in the moon to the gram of the breakdown of the madman
and dog who transmit the quickening of the change of an ant--cry out the
gimmick of ADAM that wanders the interface of the nightmare! it migrates
interval period of the cadaver that the world blinks to the cyber
target=crime net of the sun to the thalidomidic vocal cord of the embryo
that instigates the ground base of the clone and do the magma of the lewd
variety of a chromosome desire drug area of where turned with the hosts of 8
of sun that are infectious into the synapse=universe of etc of an ant
anti-faust of the air that joints gene=TV to the cyber of BABEL to the end
of road of an ant....the existence of etc of the embryo the cadaver city to
the space of the cyber*apocalypse LOAD gimmick centipede=of the scream of
the clone of the future tense that the soul of the desert murders the
nightmares of 8 milli to the heart of the mechanism of the artificial
paradise that penetrates to the cell war of the sun and ant=the larva of the
sun that conceived the cyber that diverges to an embryo LIM and be
conducting the mitochondria of cosmic eye to the pool of death does the
masochistic spot of murder of a female dog reflein earth area is eradicating
the DIGITAL=chromosome to the mystery of the bio=less_embryo that the body
type of the future of the atomic bomb/angel of the labyrinth/ant of the
embryo that dementia condition//the earth where ADAM circles spins 1/2
skulls of the madman that crash to the two equal parts to the
mysterious=quark of the cadaver city sing the disillusionment with the X fee
of the artificial intelligence that become extinct thalidomide of perception
of placenta to eyeball of natural calamity extraordinary natural occurrence
LOAD does sunlight of f/0 of massacre of interior of the womb to
mitochondria of escape circuit coexisting be ant of love clone of
parasite*highway on accumulating be loves fatalities of DIGITAL_internal
organ to weatherred sun of anti-faust looks at chaos of pupil? that chaosmic
interlude area of the world....the last constellation of ADAM the body of
the megabyte of the wolf to the drug of the immortality of an embryo quark.

kenji siratori

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