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[Nettime-bold] Indymedia Italy under attack

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Subject: [www-features] Indymedia Italy under attack - first feature
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We are under attack
call us or write us for more information
I am putting a feature on the global site
sorry for stepping out of process
but I think you will understand

7.00. am

Firenze. Torino . Bologna Carabinieri (paramilitary police) awake some
social centers addressed as indymedia centers. It seems to be back in a
demo: three landrover, a van and a couple of cars more carry out the
They are looking for audio and video material from Indypendent Media
Center (Indymedia): it is a national police operation. Still going on.
Scajola (our Interiori Minister) goes beyond words and Genoa is back in
the headlines. Independent information pays the price of the Single
Genoa aftermath begins to be more clearly outlined, after misty and
partial enquiries and investigation looking for ppolice violence
evidences, now repression kicks in. Looking for excuses.

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for upcoming news refer to: http://italy.indymedia.org

allready available (very short) features in italian:

FIRENZE - g.c.a. Cecco Rivolta
 - http://italy.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=38669
TORINO - c.s.o.a. Gabrio
 - http://italy.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=38670
BOLOGNA - c.s.o.a. Teatro Polivalente Occupato (TPO)
 - http://italy.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=38671

all this refers to facts happening this early morning, more details to
come: the italian police is still sieging the three centri sociali
targeted for this operation. 

the ordinance has been emanated by the tribunale of Genova, police is
seizing all the audio/video and digital information materials produced
about the demonstrations in Genova, which they consider crucial

 << ... for the investigation activities about crimes happened in Genova
the july 2001 in occasion of the G8 meeting, whoever can be considered
responsible for them, to make possible a complete reconstruction of the
events and the identification of responsables, appears to be necessary
to seize the photo and video documentation gathered by "Indipendent
Media Center - Italy"; [...] >>
(quoting the "decreto di perquisizione locale" exhibited for the seizing
of documentation materials into the Gabrio in Torino, N.17621/01/44

the fear, likely to become reality as far as i know italy and the way
the minister scajola is acting, is that those seized materials will be
used to identify IMC people and accuse them on the basis of some freshly
invented anti-terrorist law.

if you think this is just paranoia, spend a few thoughts about how much
independent information is important today in italy, and how much is the
power of the corporate information regime in such a nation: the fourth
power (quoting orson welles) reached to have elected his owner, despite
the many crimes he is accused for (even recognized on a european
legislation basis) and he is now on the way to sell out and privatize
(guess who'll buy it) all the public television channels in italy and -
as of this last national police operation - shut up grassroot organized
independent information and seize all the documentation materials.

if you care, you can help: please let be known at least outside of italy
what is happening in there, finally what is happening is not only
concerning my stupid nation but it can be considered part of a much
larger scenario.

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