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                                                            Dale R. Joaquin - Southwest Century Communications

                                                                                      “A Premier Nortel Networks Distributor”

M3900 Series Meridian Digital Telephones                       281 506-3317 www.swcentury.com

The Meridian M3900 Series Digital Telephones bring a wide range of new features and capabilities to your desktop easily and cost effectively. The portfolio significantly lowers your total cost of ownership through the use of simplified administration and maintenance features. New self-labeling keys eliminate the need for paper labels, reducing set installation time and charges, while snap-in accessory cartridges provide the flexibility to add new features and capabilities easily and cost effectively.

This dynamic new portfolio enhances your experience, introducing a display-based user interface providing you with new productivity tools. Find names and numbers of people you need to contact quickly and easily with the Personal Directory using the dial-by-name feature. The M3900 portfolio offers five new models and a variety of accessories to meet the diverse requirements for features, ease of use, and reliability.

To find out more about the
M3900 portfolio, simply click on the images.

Professional Telephone

Enhanced Telephone

Basic Telephone

Entry-Level Telephone

Call Center Telephone

Snap-in cartridges
expand feautres and service

The 22-button Key-based Expansion
Modules provide up to 44 additional keys

New Features and Services



Dale R. Joaquin

Senior Systems Consultant

Southwest Century Communications, Inc.

1713 Runyan, Ave.

Houston, TX  77039

281 506-3317 office

281 506-3313 fax