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Mediatopia: Networked Technology for the Creative and Critical
An on-line exhibition and symposium

Sparking and pulsing somewhere across the mediascape, freshly formed from the collision and convergence of newer media arts, is Mediatopia.  Amongst the flowering of net art and exhibitions comes the writing of books and papers, the creation of histories, the symposia, the proliferation of departments and faculty positions,  and the acquisition of new media by museums and institutions.  Looming in the wake of our new-born fascination with digital methodologies comes a pixelated plane filled with broken links and obsolete plug-ins.  What have we projected upon this technological dream?  When we wake, do we come to an experience charged with politics, technological decay, and obscurity of medium and presentation?  Questions of power, position, and perception arise in this dystopian meltdown.  Who has access to these technologies?  Who is the expert or authority?  Who defines this media work and how?  How do we preserve it?  What are the formats and conventions?  What is the relationship between the individual and the institution?  Can we differentiate between creative workers for capital and comrades in the Arts?  Is there a safe site for play, pleasure, and the artistic practice, and what is it's URL?

Mediatopia, overarching like a giant sci-fi plastic bubble, signifies our desire to draw together all these disparate experiences and ideas under the cozy warmth of the mother ship.  Creatives, technicians and critical theorists are fascinated by these digital means.   The residuals in this process creep into the canon of practice and are used to define and construct an electronic world and a flesh filled one.  Therefore we ask questions and we manipulate information.  Join us in this process.  We seek submissions of media art and digital critique.

Seeking---> Net Art & Critical Writing

Deadline for art or written work---> MAY 1st, 2002

1)  Critical Writing- Please submit relevant critical writing for inclusion on the Mediatopia web destination.
2)  Net Art- Please submit recent work that utilizes or references net technology.

Submission Requirements--->
Please go to-

For more information contact--->

Curated by Lara Bank and Andrew Bucksbarg for

Sample Topics for Net Art or Critical Writing--->

- "All Those Awful Sites!" Amateurism, Democracy, and the Web
- Artificial Intelligence- The Faux Brain
- Big Business and the Little Guy- The Corporatization of the Net
- The Boys Club of Technology, Join Today!
- Capitalism vs. Dissemination
- Collaborative Projects
- Constructed Histories- "He Said, She said"
- Convergent Bodies and the Institutional Brain
- Corporate Fiction, Labor Realities
- Cyburbanism
- Convention and Standardization
- E-femi-Net
- Evolution?  Broken Links and Other Failures
- Hacktivism, Piracy and Subversive Networks
- Homomedia
- Hypermedia
- Internet Wilderness
- "It Looks Good Above the Sofa!" The Commodification of Net Art
- Limitations of Proprietary Technology
- The Linguistics of Juxtaposition (Sampling)
- The Mediabrain and Neural Networks
- New Economy, New War, New Media and Everything New
- Net Art in The Mobile Home Court
- Netware
- Network Surveillance
- Net Tech for the Impaired
- P2P 4 U
- Pixel-Pushers and Button Monkeys:  Limitations of the Mouse Realm
- Primitive Media/Old media/Future Media/Media Media
- Special Effects for the Poverty Stricken, More With Less
- Technological Decay, Preserving the Future
- What Are People Saying: Creative Design/Artistic Process
- Whatever Happened to Baby V.R.?
- The Web, the Net, Visual Aids:  The Metaphors We Live By