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[Nettime-bold] "Database Cinema"- Friday, February 22 @ jihui

"Database Cinema"
A discussion with Jennifer and Kevin McCoy (http://www.mccoyspace.com)
moderated by Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney
Museum of American Art

Database logic and aesthetics have become one of the prominent topics in
on-line art and culture. In many of their works, Jennifer and Kevin
McCoy have explored how computer logic affects our understanding of
visual narrative. The discussion will focus on database functionality --
such as cataloguing, indexing and the possibilities for re-mixing -- in
relation to the narrative events that drive our interest in cinema, TV,
and media of all kinds.

Parsons Center for New Design
Friday, Feb 22, 2002 7 PM
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
Live Webcast @http://netart-init.org starts 7pm EST.

jihui (the meeting point) a self-regulated digital salon, invites all
interested people to send ideas for
discussion/performance/etc, jihui is
where your voice is heard and your vision
jihui is sponsored by Digital Design
Department and Center for New Design @
Parsons School of Design

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