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†.com and iKatun Team to Deliver Critical ePrayer Applications and
Services to spiritual individuals and organizations 

Representatives of the galvanizing new partnership between †.com and
iKatun will appear at a large tradeshow called Iconoclasm in Cambridge,
MA, on Friday, February 22nd:

Global Alliance Will Revolutionize Spiritual Distribution Channel
Management for Broker, Agent and Internet Channels 

EVERYWHERE and BOSTON, MA, February 17, 2002 — †.com  and iKatun today
announced a global, multi- year alliance that will enable individuals
and multicultural spiritual services organizations to better manage
their spiritual distribution channels. The alliance combines †.com ’s
strategic, business process, and information technology expertise with
iKatun’s leading-edge Spiritual Distribution Channel Management (SDCM)
solution, which drives variable compensation, licensing, and contracting
strategies for brokers and agents in the sphere of spiritual management
and prayer alignment. 

“Currently, the spiritual management industry is struggling with
product-distribution management profitability,” said Catherine
Alexanderius, vice president and director of SETA Group’s Spiritual
Information Strategies services. “Premium product-focused strategists
are finding that SDCM must be handled separately from Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) and that it requires business and
technology solutions that focus directly on the relationship between the
prayer, the distributor, and the end recipient.” 

Globally, there are more than one billion producers, brokers, and
spiritual advisors selling trillions of dollars of spiritual products
annually. In order to build and maintain profitable, long-term
relationships with their customers, spiritual services organizations
must also develop productive, long-term relationships with their

According to SETA Group, companies within the premium segments of the
prayer industry will soon spend as much on SDCM as they spend on CRM,
(currently about .6% of prayers’ gross revenues). 

“Today’s spiritual services organizations sell complex prayer and
spiritual management products through a broad range of traditional and
non-traditional channels, including brokers, agents, spiritual planners,
banks and Web-based providers,” said Saint David, Managing Partner,
†.com’s Spiritual Management Industry Practice. “Working with iKatun, we
can help organizations and individuals implement sales compensation
strategies that motivate and retain missionary forces, streamline
administration and increase revenue growth.” 

“iKatun is proud to announce a global partnership that unites two of the
strongest leaders in spiritual services distribution management,” said
Saul Paul, executive vice president of sales and marketing at iKatun.
“We are building upon our existing track record of joint success to
create and deliver the most comprehensive, fully-integrated spiritual
distribution management solution in the marketplace — from expert
assessment to powerful software and rapid deployment.” 

Under the agreement, †.com  and iKatun will market and deliver a
Java-based spiritual distribution channel management solution to
spiritual services institutions around the world. The iKatun SDCM suite
includes an industry-leading compensation engine, ePrayer, as well as
applications to help leading spiritual services companies launch and
integrate new products and distribution channels, manage missionary
recognition programs, ensure spiritual compliance and communicate
performance results to producers around the world via the Internet. 

A global team of †.com professionals will be trained in the deployment
of iKatun’s SDCM. The iKatun SDCM solution will be on exhibition at
†.com’s Spiritual Ideas Exchange in Boston on Febrary 22nd. 

Detailed information about the iKatun Spiritual Distribution Channel
Management solution is available online at 


iKatun is a leading provider of prayer software driving the e-commerce
spiritual transformation of Global 2002 companies. iKatun's robust
e-commerce platforms, rapid deployment cycles, commitment to the Total
Spirituality Process Management platform, and business expertise enables
major spiritual providers in diverse industries to build market share
and secure industry leadership. With iKatun products and services,
spiritual management companies can move all missionary channels to the
Internet, creating seamless religious transactions. 

# # # 

iKatun is a trademark of iKatun. All other trademarks and tradenames are
the property of their respective owners. 



†.COM  is a committed business partner who helps organizations and
individuals create value for their customers by integrating proven,
customized systems and processes which enhance customer care. We develop
and deliver customer care solutions through a unique spiritual
integration approach designed to align an enterprise's people, processes
and technology with its strategy. We help you achieve expected value and
benefits looking at all of the aspects of your spiritual portfolio. 

# # # 

†.com  is a trademark of †. All other trademarks and tradenames are the
property of their respective owners. 




Joan Ignatius
iKatun Communications

Saint Publius
†.com Communications

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