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The British Council, Center for Contemporary Arts in Prague
and mamapapa o.p.s.

invite you to installation Desert Rain by

and a seminar

Training machines, games and reality

in the British Council Prague
(Národní 10, Praha 1, entry from Vorsilska)

on Friday 22 February 2002 at 1400

Subjects: New areas of performing art in the age of electronic media;
psychology and phenomenology of computer games; reality simulation; examples
and experience with co-operation among artists, technicians and scientists;
computers and special effects enjoyment.

Speakers: Matt Adams and Catherine Williams-Blast Theory members (UK),
Scott deLahunta, electronic media and performance specialist and Desert Rain
production co-worker (UK),
Saul Albert, media artist and activist (UK),
Lubor Benda - programme developer (CZ),
Stanislav Ulver - film theoretician (CZ),
Petr Szczepanik - media theoretician (CZ),
L P Fish - media specialist (CZ)
and other media artists and theoreticians
moderated by Miloš Vojtěchovský

The seminar is a complementary event to Blast Theory performances of Desert
Rain,  taking place in Česká typografia, Na Florenci  19, Praha 1, from 23
February to 1 March 2002. For more information please contact, booking:

Scott deLahunta

Saul Alberts

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