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[Nettime-bold] very urgent

Private and Confidential.

Dear Sir, 

It is with a heart full of hope that I write to seek
your help in the context below. 

I am Hajia Amina Abacha, the second wife  of the
former Nigerian Military Head of State, Late General
Sani Abacha,whose sudden death occurred on 8th of
June 1998 as a result of Cardiac arrest as we were
made to
accept by the Nigerian Government authorities at that
point in time  but we believe differently. He was
deliberately killed.

I have no doubt about  your capacity and goodwill to
assist us in receiving into your custody (for
safety) the sum of US$15 Million willed and kept in
my favour by my late husband. 

The money is currently deposited with a private
Security and Safe DepositCompany in one of the African
Countries which I will disclose to you on the receipt
of your positive response. This is contained in two
Metallic Deed Boxes, and deposited as family

Therefore,the Security Company is not really aware of
the actual contents. However, the current Civilian
Democratic Government in Nigeria had on assumption of
office, setup a Panel of Inquiry to probe the 
financial activities of my late husband and on the
recommendations of the Panel, the Nigerian Government
decided to seize all my late husbandís landed assets.

On the same recommendations, at present some of my
husbandís and even my childrenís cash assets have been
found and seized.

Fortunately, however, my family lawyer had secretly
moved the willed money into the said Security Company 
without the notice of the investigating panel and have
strictly advised that the money be urgently moved into
an overseas account of a trusted foreign partner 
without delay for better safe keeping. 

The Government had earlier placed foreign travel
embargo on all my family members and seized all known
local and international outfits of our business
empire. The situation has been so terrible that we are
virtually living on the assistance of well-wishers. 

Inview of this plight therefore, I expect you to be
Trust worthy and kind enough to respond to this call
save our souls SOS, (my children and Me)from a
hopeless future. 

I hereby agree to compensate your sincere and candid
effort in these regards with 15% of the fund when
finally transferred to your local bank account.
My attorney has perfected all necessary arrangements
with the Security Company to present you as the
original owner of the consignment and to effect
complete lodgment of this  money into your account
within a week of the receipt of your positive
response through my email address above. 

To ensure that this arrangement works as perfectly as
planned, my attorney saved the funds with a Secret
Code,not in the name of any particular individual.
Part of the Secret Code is the Printing and Minting
Serial Number of one Dollar Bill.

To guarantee absolute Security of the Deposited funds,
the One Dollar Bill which the Number forms part of the
Secret Code was severed into two vertically, one half
of which is with the Security Company while my
Attorney has the other half. 

Upon the receipt of your positive response, my
Attorney would transmit to you by fax a photocopy of
The one half of the dollar bill now in his custody,
With the other documents pertaining  to the deposit
and the remaining part of the Secret Code. 

When you must have established the necessary report
with my attorney, both of you will schedule a physical
meeting at which he will hand over to you, the
Originals of the documents of the deposit, including
the Secret Code instruments and the half-dollar bill. 

This meeting will be arranged to prove to you, our
sincere desire for your assistance and the fact that
you will conveniently claim the funds as the original
depositor on the presentation of these Coded Secret
Instruments with which the funds have been saved
in the Safe Deposit House/Security Company.

Armed with all these, you will visit the Office
Complex of the Security Company where you will open a
Bank Account with a First Class Bank of your choice or
as may be advised by the Security Company, where the
US$15 Million will be paid into for subsequent
transfer to your bank account in your country. 

Please all contacts must be made through my
lawyer, Barrister Dennis Agu of (Dennis Agu Chambers).
I will give you his email address and
Tel/fax number when you reply this e-mail.

This is because I intend to remain anonymous to the
whole transaction for reasons you must understand.

Kindly provide me with your private mobile, telephone
and fax numbers which I would give to my lawyer to
Contact you in order for you to conclude this
transaction with him.

I look forward to your quick response. 

Best regards,
Hajia Amina Abacha

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