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[Nettime-bold] Redistributions PDA art show ends active phase, March discussion at Empyrean

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(re:)distributions online PDA art exhibition announces final update,

enters archive phase & online discussion @ Empyrean list.

Feb 15, 2002

Patrick Lichty 

‘(re)distributions: PDA/IA art as cultural intervention’, the world’s first curatorial project focused solely on the issues of creativity and expression through the use of PDA, Wireless, and nomadic technologies, finishes its 6-1/2 month ‘active’ phase and remains in archive form at:


With this closing of the dynamic curation phase of the project, three significant additions are now part of the show. 


“DialTones: A TeleSymphony”, by Golan Levin et al documents the use of cellular phones as instruments for a symphony at a performance at the Ars Electronica art festival.


“Life Drawing 101: PDA Required” by Margaret Dolinsky is a spirited musing about the use of PDA technology through their mobility in disciplines such as drawing and sketching. 


(An excellent example of this is Tom Kemp’s work, so we recommend you explore that work after reading the essay)


“Palm Poems” by Alan Peacock are three palm-based poems that play with the role of text, sound and visual composition.  These works are currently online as Shockwave works for easy access.



Beginning March 1, Patrick Lichty will be leading a discussion on the use of nomadic technologies, PDA’s and personal devices like wristcams in the creation and distribution of works.  One or two of these weeks will also include a postmortem on the (re)distributions show, and a discussion of the nature of Information Appliance art and its recent development.  Please join us in March!


FUTURE DIRECTIONS: is seeking resources for a short-run, internally-produced catalogue of the (re)distributions show.  The optimum resources would be a duplex-printing color laser printer, and consumables for 10,000 legal-size sheets of semi-gloss bond.  Any proceeds would be put towards the offset of expenses in mounting the exhibition, and for the funding of new exhibitions.


(re)distributions in YOUR TOWN?

There has been expressed some interest in the possibility of a (re)distributions physical exhibition.  We have already gotten confirmation of resources from one manufacturer, but more resources are needed.  Please contact us if you might be interested in having (re)distributions or a successor in your institution, or if you are aware of resources that could bring this project to fruition.


(re)distributions II?

With the excellent response to the show, as well as the rapid development of the genre, many have asked whether (re)distributions would mount a Revision 2.0 show, or update further in the future. While this is a distinct possibility, and may constitute components of a physical show, such plans will be considered in Q3 2002.  Please inform us if you would like to see a revisited show in the future.



I would like to hank all of the artists, scholars, and practitioners who participated in the (re)distributions exhibition to make it such an excellent project that was received so well.  It has been an honor and a privilege to showcase this emerging genre, and I look forward to developments in the aesthetic use of personal devices and computational ubiquity in the days to come.



Patrick Lichty

Curator, (re)distributions