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[Nettime-bold] ADV: Scottsdale Election

This is a public service announcement from AMERICA THE GREAT.INFO

Free elections are the foundation of America.  And, the wonderful First Amendment gives everyone the right 
to free speech.  But, our great Constitution also allows each of us to decide what we choose to hear.  We 
respect both rights.

So, although we would like to deliver several messages of importance to the voters of Scottsdale about 
candidates for the March 12th election, we would first like your permission do so.  

In considering this request, keep in mind that e-mail can accomplish the idealistic goal that most Americans 
have sought.  The Internet is the first known equalizer for those seeking public office.  The use of e-mail 
dramatically reduces the advantage wealthy candidates have over candidates with modest means.  Low cost 
delivery e-mail allows candidates with limited budgets and a strong message to reach masses of voters.  

Never before have “regular” people been able to play on a level field with the wealthy in our democratic 
process.  The Internet offers the most radical change of the century in American elections as well as allowing 
conscientious elected officials to report regularly to constituents about neighborhood issues of relevance.  

If you feel it will be an intrusion, please let us know before we send messages on behalf of candidates by 
opting out of our mailing list.  But, please don't take this decision lightly.  You can help alter the course of this 
and future elections.  E-mail is THE GREAT EQUALIZER!

If you prefer not to receive any information from us about political candidates, and wish to unsubscribe from 
our list, please click here,  If you have previously unsubscribed and are still 
receiving this message, you may email our Abuse Control Center at, or, or call us at 1-888-763-2497, or write us at:  report 177A Old South 
Path, Melville, NY 117474.  

Delivered without cost, as a public service, by for

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