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[Nettime-bold] HOT SECURITY SECTOR stock VSYS


February 2002

Viscount Systems (VSYS)

SECURITY COMPANY to market breakthrough technology in strategic alliance with Honeywell

Why is it so important for you to hear what we've got to say about this undiscovered investment opportunity? Here are just 3 facts you should consider carefully:

FACT  #1

Heightened public safety concerns and new technology are fueling long-term, double-digit growth in the Security Industry.  Electronic door control access systems is a 1.4 billion dollar Industry sector -- sales have risen over 600% in two decades.


Viscount Systems (OTCBB:VSYS), a manufacturer of electronic door systems, has launched breakthrough technology that reduces hardware costs by up to 90% and dramatically increases functionality.  Viscount's technology has the potential to make today's industry-standard obsolete.


Security Industry analysts are bullish about Viscount Systems' niche market.  Strategic alliances with leading security equipment vendors are forecast to support continued profitability and +60% annual sales growth.

Learn for yourself how this undiscovered, recently issued company is uniquely positioned to capture a profitable market share in the rapidly growing Security Industry

For additional information please contact Investor Relations at:


Toll Free (866) 252-9446

Viscount Systems  www.viscount.com

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