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[Nettime-bold] conference on cultural imperialism (trier, germany)

Title: conference on culturl imperialism
Conference on
Cultural Imperialism
October 17-20, 2002, Trier, Germany

A two-day conference is being planned to be held in fall 2002 in Trier, Germany, on Cultural Imperialism.

Contributions are invited from all relevant fields including history of arts, architecture, history, popular music, the media, advertising and PR, sociology, economics, political lobbying, WTO-GATS, food, education, linguistics and others. Publication of the proceedings is intended.

The Conference on Cultural Imperialism (working title) will begin on Thursday october 17, 2002, with diner and perhaps a first evening  session. We will have two working days, Friday 18 and Saturday  19, and participants will depart on Sunday 20 october after  breakfast. The venue is Robert Schuman House, Trier, a well-equipped new conference center above the city of Trier where participants will also stay overnight. At this moment we think about a more symposium-like beginning (Friday) aiming at sorting out the multiple facets of cultural imperialism and pulling strings together, and a public event on Saturday aiming at media coverage. We will have three blocks for discussion: (1) Cultural imperialism in history,(2) present cultural imperialism, its different aspects, working mechanisms and effects, and (3) what are alternatives (including European positions in WTO, IMF etc.).

Working languages will be German, English and French, with simultaneous translation. A maximum of 50  participants are expected from all parts of the world. We will try our best to raise funds for travel refunding and for hosting participants.

If you are interested, please reserve these dates in your agenda and send in your abstract in German or English, not more than 300 words, as soon as you have made up your  mind. Deadline for abstracts is end of march 2002. Please pass this information on to other people who might be interested.

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