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[Nettime-bold] Invitation to Salvation

Title: Invitation
In the Name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful
My fellow Citizen of this World!

"Mankind, indeed, is doomed, except for those ..."

If you do not wish to be counted among the doomed, Brother/Sister, please do not hasten to press the 'delete' button and read on!

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes Mankind from other species of living creatures? ....

If you would reflect a bit, you may observe that there has never been a change in the life style of a crow. It is as if this creature is programmed to do certain fixed things in its life cycle and then die. It is not capable of effecting, on its own, any changes or innovations therein.

And this is true of every other living creature except ...

...except Mankind, of course! Mankind can create changes, innovations. For the exercise of this unique power, it is endowed with imagination and with freedom to choose, to an extent not granted to any other species.

With the exceptionally large dose of freedom endowed to it, Mankind is in the unique position to choose a way among many open to it for the conduct of its life.

Every individual human being is thus called upon to exercise an option - to choose between the different ways. To enable the individual to exercise this option, he/she is equipped with the faculty of reasoning of an higher order. With this faculty, the individual distinguishes between good and bad and chooses what he/she considers to be the best.

Now the best of the ways is ingrained in every individual by the Creator of the entire Universe and of all things therein. It's another matter that the sophisticated individual is too proud to admit that there is such a Creator and euphemistically calls all creations as Nature.

So, if the individual honestly follows his/her own conscience, he/she is led to the best way. But there are forces around, which entice the individual away to the other paths. The individual, then, more often than not, so to say, brushes the pricks of conscience aside or shoves them under the carpet.

The Compassionate Creator, therefore, did not leave the human beings to fend for themselves in finding the Right Path. He had sent His Messengers, from time to time and to every locality, to guide their people to the Right Path. Several of those Messengers had come with divine books too.

Those Messengers had to be sent separately to the far-flung regions of the world, during the pre-historic age, because of the lack then of adequate means of communication. And because of the lack then of adequate means of mass production of written books, the divine books revealed during that age could not be preserved with original content intact.

With the advent of the historic age, the position changed. The all-knowing Creator then sent His last Messenger with the last Message to show to all peoples of the entire world the Right Path that ought to be followed by all of them till the Last Day.

The last divine Message, believe it or not, is the Message of the Qur'aan.

If you are not convinced about this abiding Truth from this short write-up, you may, if you want to, read my ebooklet Why I Believe In Islam . Therein I have given, in greater details, the rationale for humanity to believe that the Qur'aan is the last divine Message. You may order for the booklet online just by clicking here

But please take note of the underlined phrase 'if you want to' in the preceding paragraph. If you do want to, you may, God willing, get a better understanding and also help me get the necessary funds to reach out to the millions - out there in the wide world - with this message. But it won't matter vitally if you prefer to go without the booklet to save yourself its cost of $3 only. God may, if He so wills, make other provision to get me the funds necessary.

But, mind you, you can absolutely not do without the last divine message - the Qur'aan!

The partial quote with which I started this message, is from the Qur'aan. The complete quote is as under:
"Mankind, indeed, is doomed except for those who believe, and do righteous deeds, and admonish with the Truth and admonish with Patience." [Chapter 103]

The Qur'aan has thus specified, in a nutshell, the Right Way to Salvation. The Qur'aan, at large, is the detailed explanation of the four essential things to do, to be on this Right Way.

All the other ways are certain to lead Mankind to doom, the Qur'aan says!

Won't you then take heed, my fellow Citizen of this world? As a fellow human being, I certainly wish you well. Hence, this earnest appeal!

Grab a good copy of the Qur'aan containing an authentic verse-by-verse translation in your own language, at the first opportunity please! Study a few verses at a time everyday. You may not get another opportunity to do so!

There are also organisations who send online a few verses per day.You may try by sending an email to with the message: subscribe darulislam. Do not worry; the service is free!

Your fellow Citizen,
Mohammad Shafi J. Aga

Guide us to the Right Path, God!
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