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[Nettime-bold] BIT [bureau of inverse technology]: for immediate release

limited release advisory. bureau of inverse technology
[BIT] new york, new york feb 12 2002

Bureau has developed the following information products,
recently deployed to provide accurate information for
the World Economic Forum meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria,
New York City, Feb 01-04 2002. These projects manifest
technical strategies for inserting local information into
global debates.

NB this document has been released post hoc for assessment
of BIT product performance under actual field conditions.

for local area news.

PRODUCT PREVIEW: BIT RADIO broadcasts event-triggered,
intermittent news on local radio. Special OVERCAST service
for the World Economic Forum is deployed to break in over
NPR member station WNYC FM 93.9.

With BIT AUTOPIRATE transmission equipment installed on
rooftop location in Waldorf vicinity, this system will
transmit realtime air quality data for lower Manhattan,
obtained from WTC fallout monitoring. A one-second alert
will break in clearly over normal station programming when
either asbestos, dioxins or particulates fluctuate over
the EPA set level.

REVIEW: Bureau engineers report successful broadcast
from 13:00h to 20:00h daily Feb 02-03. Failure analysis:
estimated percentage of WEF delegate tuning to NPR radio at
any time over the 4-day summit approximated at 4%. Although
chance of delegate encountering information from direct
street action protesters is estimated as even lower,
less than 2%, due to drastic police street isolation
tactics around the conference venue.  KITIFICATION:

ITEM: BITrocket DESCRIPTION: bureau-issue rocket display;
toy crowd invigilator.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: This system adapts commercially available
hobby rocket with wireless microvideo, to accurately image
crowd and police formations and occupations at critical
public gatherings.

Launching from the midst of a street demonstration, rocket
is able to reach a height of over 300 ft before parachuting
lightly back to the crowd, transmitting video live to
ground station and streamable to website. Documenting
actual crowd attendance, BITrocket will provide accurate
and uncontestable participation figures. Co-ordinated with
march, rocket launch can supply demonstrators with active
strategic data, eg. location and containment strategies of
opponent forces, along with a family aero-portrait.

REVIEW: WEF launch postponed for technical reasons. Media
crowd estimates of the protests varied widely by a factor
of about 10, BITrocket could provide a decisive resolution.

SAFETY ADVISORY: The BITrockets are adapted from kits
recommended for children 8+. Rocket launches are legal
and safety guidelines from the National Association of
Rocketry can found at

ITEM: BITCAB service DESCRIPTION: A mobile interface for
fast news dispersion; inserts BIT information directly
into NY taxi display units.  STATUS: development.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: A new advertising infrastructure is
deploying wireless programmable signs, GPS oriented,
on taxi cab roofs in Manhattan. Current programme of
neighbourhood-based corporate advertising is supplemented
with sports, weather and financial data: the system
has under exploited spatial potential. This narrowcast
opportunity is being reformatted by the Bureau for
insertion of critical location-based data, such as
strategic news alerts for street actions, or ambient
location data detailing site toxic residues. Some of the
GIS- based data will update as the taxi moves through
geographic location. While SMS can also carry geo-specific
information service, bitcab signage will relieve the
alert citizen of the weight, expense, health and tracking
implications of carrying own cellular phone.

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