wade tillett on Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:37:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> All right, I admit it -- I went to Davos

Alright, I admit I was there too... at the Davos in NYC.
But my new compaq never got issued to me. The word on the street was
that they were not free, but that they cost $25,000. What gives? In
fact, now that you mention it, I never got a radio-frequency ID tag
either, and no one ever even questioned me about it. But I did get an
undercover policeman to follow me around as I went about on the
streets and subway (for my own protection, I am sure). Did you? In
fact, as I walked up towards the hotel, the police lined up for me,
shoulder to shoulder for seemingly miles. What a red carpet entrance!
But just as I was getting closer to the hotel, the police all stepped
in front of me and all around me and put these metal barricades around
and stood around with video cameras and nightsticks and pepper spray
and told me to go home. Damnedest thing. Now that you mention the
radio-frequency ID tag I wonder if maybe that is why they didn't let
me in. (I thought they just didn't like what I was saying.) I didn't
even bother bringing my swiss army knife. I was a little scared if
those paranoid police found it. Instead, I stuck with the goggles and
a bandana soaked in vinegar (so I could look good if I got to meet
Bono). When the police still would not let me through, I pleaded and
implored the police that there must be some mistake, that this is a
democracy. Surely the good folks at the wef, that bastion of
democracy, wanted to hear my voice, but the police would have none of
it and finally forced me to leave... without my free compaq mind

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