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[Nettime-bold] SubmarineChannel; a new online channel


Press release + + + Amsterdam  12 February 200

SubmarineChannel is a newly launched online channel for and about global digital media culture that aims to change the way digital artworks are made, distributed and consumed.

Slashing barriers to allow media to bleed into each other, SubmarineChannel harbors and creates beautiful hybrid monsters. Whether it's bringing a graphic novel to life on screen, a travel show to your mobile phone, adapting lo-fi Net animations for high quality TV broadcast, or animating real-life stories.

SubmarineChannel gathers the most stylish, offbeat, original and arresting artworks for the net into one place. You'll find linear and interactive works, because the bottom line is using new media to create new experience. SubmarineChannel has been established not just as a distributor, but as an active collaborator, helping creatives do what they do best, media companies look for innovative content, and sponsors to commission new work.

What's unique about SubmarineChannel is the range and scope of its activities. From design to Internet, from short digital films to animations and interactive graphic novels, SubmarineChannel provides a showcase for work aimed at a young but critical audience, one with a global perspective on digital culture. It is also genuinely 'cross media', with content delivered not just on the Net, but for mobile devices, TV and other formats.
Although based in mainland Europe, SubmarineChannel is global in scope, bringing inspiring and original work from Asia, North America and Europe together under one roof. It uses a range of possibilities for assembling this content, from exclusive licenses, to acting more as an agent and creating distribution deals with other web sites and media.

SubmarineChannel syndicates work not just to other web portals, but TV companies, mobile services operators and other media, both traditional and novel. The12-strong company has full, cross-media production capabilities, from print and video to film and TV, and represents a growing stable of creative
talent. These resources can also be used to take existing work and re-format and re-edit it, for example making made-for-Net films TV broadcast-ready.

Unlike most existing channels, SubmarineChannel also offers a mix of magazine and content delivery, offering profiles of artists, reporting on digital culture - putting works into perspective rather than just streaming as many as possible.   

On SubmarineChannel you will find amongst others: 

+ + + The Killer
Eavesdrop on the ice-cold monologue inside the mind of a contract killer in episodic graphic novel by Jacamon & Matz. 

+ + + Mr Kahoona
Wise-yet-worldly Mr.Kahoona travels the infinity of digital space seeking the best and worst web can offer - so you don't have to.  

+ + + Instant Road Trip
A seven-day, personalized /story game experience about a virtual holiday in Venice via e-mail and SMS for people who don’t have the time or money to take a real vacation, by renowned interactive game-director Douglas Gayeton. 

+ + + Tech Pop Japan
Dispatches from Japan, the frontier of techno-media urban culture show the fruitful collision between old and new tech, managing to be both neophilic and anxious at having shed the past. 

+ + + Chunks
Short works by various artists like Benjamin Stokes, Evan Mather, Erik Loyer and Dave Jones. Some are interactive, others are more linear. Some are animations, others are video or film clips, but they are all short, nice and different. 

+ + + City Tunes
City Tunes, the funny world of modern romance as seen in these real-life stories stylishly animated by Submarine. 

Submarine is an independent studio in Amsterdam producing convergence programming  and formats. With expertise of both high quality content and technology, Submarine focuses on the creation of true new media formats that make use of the explosion of media channels and outlets. Submarine in the past two years produced a number of crossmedia productions, such as a funky teen documentary series/website 12x12.nl; and a two hour documentary for VPRO television 'The End of TV as we know it'.

For more information, please contact Submarine:

www.submarinechannel.com  + + +  Tel: 31 (0) 20 330 1226 + + +  Fax: 31 (0) 20 330 1227  + + +  info@submarinechannel.nl