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[Nettime-bold] fAf Feb02: Diagramming Innovation-scapes by Pia Ednie-Brown

Sincere apologies for cross posting

In fineArt forum's February issue, Editor-in-Chief Nisar Keshvani announces 
fAf's alliance with the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA). "Both 
publications have a rich history, and were linked since its earliest days. 
Through this alliance we aim to balance news and critical content via the 
fAf-LEA publishing channels. We are on the lookout for contributors, if you 
have ideas, please do email We'd be happy to hear from 
you," he said.

He added, "We aspire to build east-west bridges exposing upcoming 
communities to the established and enhancing opportunities for exposure 
through the fAf - Leonardo networks and resources."
This month's feature is Pia Ednie-Brown's essay "Diagramming 
Innovation-scapes", reprinted from the recently released fibreculture 
reader, "Politics of a Digitial Present: An Inventory of Australian Net 
Culture, Criticism and Theory".

Reviews (

:: Architecture and Science edited by Giuseppa Di Cristina is reviewed Teri 

:: David Cox reviews New Babylonians: Contemporary Visions of a 
Situationist City edited by Iain Borden & Sandy McCreery

:: Jane Turner responds to Unlocking the Clubhouse, a study of women in the 
computing industry by Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher

:: Olliver Dyen's Metal and Flesh: The Evolution of Man: Technology Takes 
Over is considered by Glen Wetherall

:: Linda Carroli takes a look at the Australian Network for Art and 
Technology's publication, Arcadia: Writings on Theology and Technology.

PLUS all the usual news and information - upfront, events, opps and stuff.
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