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"We no longer have roots, we have aerials."

In an interview in 1977, Marshall McLuhan dialogued with Maria D'Amico (a 
professor of communications and sometimes journalist from Venezuela) --

D'Amico: What are the main things that you recognize in our culture?

McLuhan: Patterns.

D'Amico:  "Patterns," models of what?

McLuhan: Of everything that is happening all around us.  For example, this 
quest for identity, roots, origins: many negroes in America want to see where 
they came from.  That is re-cognize.  The problem of seeking roots arises for 
someone who has no body.  In the age of electricity one has no body.  When 
you talk to someone on the telephone, or appear on television, you have no 
body.  All who have no body seek their origins, their identity.  When one 
moves and lives at the speed of light, one feels discarnate, helpless.  The 
new reality is discarnate man.

D'Amico:  What would the solution be?

McLuhan:  When you lose your natural body, you must have a supernatural 
solution.  Religion is the only solution when you lose your body, when you 
are nobody. 

["Who Was Marshall McLuhan?", Barrington Nevitt with Maurice McLuhan, 
Toronto, 1994]

Mark Stahlman
New York City

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