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[Nettime-bold] Fwd: rally in canberra

>Hi everyone
>We're all getting very excited about our FREE THE REFUGEES RALLY at 
>House, next Tuesday 12 Feb at 12.30pm. We are expecting perhaps 2000 
>people to
>come from Canberra, and from all over Australia; and perhaps more. This 
>will be
>an historic protest; but it will only be listened to if it is big and
>determined enough. This email will outline some practical things about the
>But first, I think we all know how important it is that Carmen Lawrence has
>agreed to speak at our rally. We all know too that Simon Crean has said 
>that no-
>one in the shadow cabinet spoke against mandatory detention (Carmen was 
>not at
>the meeting). We believe that on Monday there will be an attempt to muzzle
>shadow ministers and possibly MPs too.
>     It is therefore of the utmost importance for supporters of refugees 
> to send
>messages to Carmen Lawrence congratulating her on her stand. It is important
>for us also to support the public stand taken by Duncan Kerr and Tanya
>Plibersek. It's a pity more don't speak out. We need to ask Carmen 
>Lawrence and
>the others to keep speaking out despite pressures from the party leadership.
>Carmen's email is:; please CC your messages to
>, I find it utterly
>shocking that a Labor Party shadow cabinet can have no opponents of mandatory
>detention. It shows how utterly unrepresentative they are of the opinions of
>their members, and how utterly out of touch.
>Now down to business.
>1. We need people to help with a final leafleting push this weekend and 
>We will be leafleting:
>Woden Woollies, 10am Saturday
>Dickson Woolies, 10am Saturday
>Belconnen Westfied, at the end of the red bridge near Lathlain St, 10am
>Civic Garema Place, 10.30am Saturday and Sunday from 12.00
>Tuggeranong Hyperdome, Anketell St entrance near Reed St, Saturday 10am
>Kingston Old Bus Depot Market, Sunday, from 10-4
>Jamison shopping centre Trash and Treasure, from 6am (really!!)
>and then
>MONDAY MORNING: leaflet Civic: meet Garema Place 7.30am
>If you can help, just turn up.
>2. Getting to Parliament House
>There is car parking at Parliament House, but it may fill up.
>Excess parking will be available near Old PH, East and West Block car-parks;
>it's then a 5 minute walk up to PH.
>On the Woden side of PH there is also parking available.
>There will be no parking in Federation Mall, nor in the car parks to the side
>of it.
>We are attempting to organise a BUS SHUTTLE SERVICE from Civic to make it
>easier for people to attend; if we succeed, details will be on the RAC 
> from Monday am.
>3. Activities
>The protest is not just a rally; there will be a freedom embassy and protest
>activities all morning.
>     We will be handing PETITIONS in to the politicians. I am attaching a 
> copy
>of our latest petition; please see if you can get any signatures to it, 
>and if
>so, bring it along. We want to swamp them with petitions.
>     We also need PHONE CARDS for asylum seekers in detention. Please buy the
>ones which have a 1800 number to call, and a PIN. We can then ring asylum
>seekers in Woomera, etc and give them the details, without a physical phone
>card needing to get through ACM security. Apart from their freedom, this 
>is the
>thing asylum seekers have told us they most need and want. We will have 
>collecting them at the rally.
>4. Facilities
>There will be toilets near the stairs that lead down into the PH carpark.
>We will provide some food and water; but please bring what you need.
>Please bring sunscreen and hats.
>5. Things WE need for the protest:
>* Beach umbrellas and fixed garden umbrellas;
>* Beach shade-shelters;
>* Rubbish bins
>* Card tables.
>If you can help, please make sure that everything has your name on it; and 
>we have your address.
>We need these things by Monday evening; we will pick them up or you can drop
>them off to us. Please ring 0415 752 012 to organise.
>We also need PEOPLE to help. We will need people from 8am or whenever you can
>get there; but we will also need at least 10 people at around 11.45 to help
>with the proposed bus shuttle. Just come to the mike and see Phil 
>Griffiths. We
>also need people to collect phone cards, get people's names on contact 
>collect money (we have spent more than $4000 organising this rally...) sell
>badges and bumper stickers, etc etc.
>If anyone can help with painting banners, or other jobs over the weekend,
>please ring Claire on 6288 0535.
>All other details to do with the rally will be posted on our website.
>We have an historic opportunity to shift the debate about asylum seekers back
>towards humanitarian solutions. Let's make the most of it.
>All the best
>Phil Griffiths
>Refugee Action Committee (Canberra)
>tel 0415 752 012
>LPO Box A287 ANU ACT 2601

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