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[Nettime-bold] End the weight loss nightmare

Dear Friend,

I have just lost 40 pounds and I wanted to share my secret with you because not only do I look a lot better, but I feel 20 years younger. If I can help you get to where you want to be with your weight I know you will find a whole new quality of life waiting for you too. I am sending you this because you indicated your interest in this subject on an opt in list. If you are no longer interested, please accept my apology for bothering you.

I always maintained my ideal weight when I was a teenager but I must admit that I did not eat very healthy food. After I became a mother I started eating off my children plates. Slowly, the peanut butter started packing on the pounds. Recently, I found myself longing for the good old days when I could wear anything and look good. However, I am not exactly a paragon of willpower . I just knew that in this day and age of incredible scientific advances, there must be a new product out there that would make losing weight a piece of cake. I started ordering diet products from magazines, the newspaper and mail ads. The products sounded great but to my dismay none of them helped me lose even one pound. I would spent hundreds of dollars on a bunch of lies and useless products.

I did not give up though, because I knew that there had to be a product out there that helped you lose weight easily. Finally I looked to the Internet for diet information and product recommendations. There I finally found what I was looking for. There was a write-up on a product called BerryTrim Plus. The article stated that BerryTrim Plus was a breakthrough for weight reduction. Boy! They were not kidding. Basically, it had everything you needed for weight loss packed into one tablet!!! The main ingredient, the Brindall Berry reduces your appetite and acts as a fat burning agent. It also contained many of the weight loss aids I had read about like chromium picolinate, vitamin B6, Green Tea Extract, and L-Phenylalanine. Well this was for me. I took the tablets as recommended for rapid weight loss. My appetite plunged and the fat started to drip off!!! Before long I had lost 10 pounds. Then 20, 30, and finally the last 10 hideous blobs of fat disappeared. All this without hours of sweating at the gym and using diets that you need a PhD to figure out.

Now I am hot again, REALLY!!! I can wear boss clothes and do not have to be jealous of the tiny bodies flaunting themselves on the Silver Screen. But all this was secondary to the newfound energy, joy and zest for life I felt. Losing weight brought me out of the boring doldrums and I started having fun again. Life is good and it will be for you too. BerryTrim Plus is a product that will star in my medicine chest for the rest of my life. I hope you will do yourself a favor and give BerryTrim Plus a try. After all, what do you have to lose? And what you will gain will far exceed your expectations. Good luck.

God Bless,

Laura Rodgers






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