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Coco Fusco's video ELS SEGADORS (The Reapers), will be featured at the ARCO 
Art Fair Project Rooms in Madrid, from February 14 - 18. ARCO will be held at 
the Juan Carlos Exhibition Center, in the Campo de las Naciones Complex. For 
more information, please refer to:

Fusco is being represented at ARCO by The Project, New York

In her essay on Fusco's video, critic and poet Ana Nuņo writes:

"History is the subject of a structure whose site is not homogeneous, empty 
time, but time filled by the presence of the now", noted down Walter Benjamin 
in "On the Concept of History", one the last essays this Jewish German 
philosopher wrote before committing suicide, panic-stricken at the thought 
that the Spanish Guardia Civil could hand him over to the German Nazi police 
officers. This happened 61 years ago in the little town of Port-Bou, the 
first or the last (depending on one's point of view) Catalan town along the 
coast border with France. When Coco Fusco came to Catalunya in June 1999... 
she understood that one of those burning historical issues which infuses and 
informs the present was, for Catalans, national identity. It was then that 
she first struck on the idea of doing video work on this particular subject, 
focusing on one of its emblems -Catalunya's national anthem. 

...Coco Fusco's work, faithful to what Benjamin thought of as the historian's 
task, fills one of Europe's most ancient ghosts -the nightmarish dream of a 
homogeneous, ideally eternal, unaltered cultural essence- with the 
invigorating "presence of the now". At a time when Europe must either accept 
the "other" cultures which live in its soil, or condemn itself to sing old 
vengeful patriotic anthems.

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