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[Nettime-bold] G2K NEWS hypernews and hyperlive : WOT: DVD-R PC data archiving software

In a message dated 2/6/2002 1:26:38 PM Central Standard Time, voyd@voyd.com writes:

THe programs that came with my drive weren't worth much, and the only archival program I have supports the DVD-RW format. I'm trying to get away more cheaply.

Nothing sells better than innuendo and unmasking.  Hence, I am concerned with your metaphor that G2K needs more gophers.  I do not think, as Blake did not--and I will reiterate my claim to literary quotaliciousness, since Alex admitted he never studied Blake in graduate school--that any gopher needs any other gopher.  Blake said, "the fox looks out for himself, but God looks out for the lion." 

Ah, meditations on gophers and gopherliness, how can we know the gopherliness from the gopher.  I am also concerned with the recent scandals at the Smithsonian.  I heard about them on NPR today.  Apparently a wealthy business interest offered to donate $38 million on condition they run a big show about American Heroes and include the donors' choices which included Oprah and Sam Donaldson.  The museum drew the line content-wise, and the donor withdrew the $38 million.

As per gophers, what is your thesis regarding the economic efficiencies of gopher feeding habits as analyzed by the great John Nash of the Ron Howard movie "A Beautiful Mind"?  What is the biomath of gophers?  And what do we make of H.L. Mencken's argument that Mark Twain was flawed in two major ways:  "moral certitude and intellectual timorousness."

Hasty Pudding also in the news, amazing what you get on cnn.  Remember when cnn first started, how revolutionary it was.  Thus I find it fair to deduce that the content of the new media--what we call the network--is the old media, become the content vis-a-vis the absorption thesis of Marshall McLuhan.  If time is spherical, then consciousness is circular, as you can see visually if you imagine a holographic image of the G2K logo as seen at http://www.geocities.com/genius-2000/SFMOMA82700.html. 

Also tough mafia bastard, how are scholarship and curation related if at all?  The argument I heard on cnn was that big donors were buying big shows more or less outright, the enronomics of the art world.  Some former curator, a large-type genius, said that scholarship-- he called history "the scholarly study of truth"--should never be tainted by economic imperatives.  Big names like Lufthansa as sponsors of art at the Guggenheim were bandied about, intimations of enronomics in the world of artistic investment.  Plus Sotheby's and Christie's price fixing for god's sweet sake.

Enronomics intimidate curators.  What really is the difference between the new media curator and the old media curator, in terms of scholarship or finance?  "Let no auditor sell other services to its company" is the new legislation from Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch, he wants it to become a national precedent for eventual federal regulation of auditors. 

"In the consciousness of the gopher, there is no I and thou"--Max Herman

Max Herman
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