Kenji Siratori on Thu, 7 Feb 2002 07:31:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] METROPOLIS

command the guerrilla of the synapse--cells in the last term of the
fatalities! masochistic earth area of the embryo where the mummy of the sun
love of catastrophic/clone of the storage that plunges the nail in the
cadaver city of the treachery of DNA where the blood of the heat of the
space that the time of a pierrot commits suicide to the birth of the dog of
ADAM change to the hell of a cell LOAD--the body organ of the
disillusionment of the mitochondria! the zero gravity organ of the drug be
0% terrorism of the vital body that supposes the soul of a dog to the
numerous future tense of the insect short to the cosmology
target=hypothalamus of the embryo that the gimmick of the happiness rapes
thalidomide eye of gene=TV heart of the girl of BABEL that arms hunting for
the grotesque.
....respire! to the fatalities that the cyber line that the brain of the
embryo that the earth of death loops go off to the octave that went mad love
the cell of love and hope....the blood vessel of the earth of the drug that
beats to anti-faust of the embryo that reversed/record the masochism of the
sun target=storage of the ground to the herd of 1 milligram of ant of road
that continuously scraps the dogmatic murder of regeneration....highway
where lonely cube of BABEL to the chromosome of the fatalities that I
love/cut the play projects the narcissistic blood of the larva that ocean
creature send back out the storage that was turned different violently to
the eye of the DIGITAL*rhinoceros of the sun on the mirror of chaos--
to the brain of the drug mechanism of the embryo that overturned the mystery
of the deep sea manhole of the earth area quark/molecule form catastroph of
the earth area that revolves the love of the non=spiral
form=program....clone of DNA that I fabricate to the cell of the suspicion
of the larva to the mirror image of the chaos of the ground that was
flooded: the dog of myself stored the regeneration impossible speed of

Kenji Siratori

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