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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> WEF index, according to gotham gazette's _eye opener_


Well, since I was there on Saturday standing about 10 feet from the General 
Sherman statue (at 5th and 59th) when/where the BIG "demo" kicked off . . . 
"globaloney" seems about right.  

Having been a part of many 10-50,000+ person convergences, 7,000 seems like a 
generous estimate for this event.

More importantly, the profound sense coming from those who apparently 
organized the "main-march" event (AWIP, I guess) that they had no idea where 
they were going was echoed by the Police who apparently were forced to arrest 
so many on Sunday because they just stood around and couldn't figure out, 
despite many requests for some guidance . . . where to go.

Did you know that those involved were very loudly in FAVOR of globalization? 
. . . since, apparently, it can't be avoided.

Perhaps Billy Bragg (who was first to take the "stage") summed it up best in 
his lyrics when he pleaded that some of his "friends" be given some power in 
this globalization thing . . . or, maybe it was the cop in the subway station 
who informed me that everyone at the "demo" was a rich college-kid, who just 
travelled the world making noise about nothing that mattered to them anyway.

"Globaloney," indeed . . . and, hey, I was lookin' for ya, where were you . . 
. <g>


Mark Stahlman
New York City

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