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[Nettime-bold] jodi's _untitled-game_::a review

::jodi's latest offering _untitled-game_
::a collection of mangled [quake-]g][p][a][tches][me versions
::re][work][route a 1st person 3Dshoot-em-up game d.sign
::via multiple re:structurings
::.m.anip.u..lations. of game-play conventions
::perpetuated via
::these 3D-m.ulative games.

::infrastructural code/execution
::splicing & redirection of typical p][rogrammed][erceptual 
::these reworked quake "instances"
::r more profound than the ty.pica.][she][ll][ed][y repetitious
::pleasure-loadings derived from playing the original.

::there is no hierarchical game narrative
::or goal-orientation pathway 4 a user [player] 2 follow
::3D architecture/physic.al imitation-codas
::are out.
::_untitled game_ seeks 2 flatten
::a cartesian-tinged digital mimicking dynamic.

::a lapsed-quakeian gamerhead
::finding myself off-kilter
::stuck b.yond regular pro][jected][prio][inter][oception
::that 1st person-perspective games mandate
::x.pecting the usual action-reward loop 2 govern
::n.countering the dis.m.boweling of the rule-based progression arch
::jodi smearing the whole chrome-somaesthesia-projected-game-surface
::with a certain rude lateralness
::a cut-up of the regulated combative space
::in2 soni.c][ode][.e.scapes
::con.ducting meaning-routes according 2
::pro.][audio&][vision.al knowledge.

::cumulative f.fects
::reorientation of game][r][-parameters
::-if-unkeen 2 equate fundamental value judgements
::re: the length of time spent n.gaged
::in either quake.mode [original or "jodiesqued"].....
::-then-chunk the jodi.quake.scape as
::more of a holistic reconstruction
::b.ing reluctant 2 polarize the x.perience
::re: x.traction from an _original_ article/actuality
::predated game-orientation software......

[press "m"]

::message: god.mode//

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.][E][mot][E][ion capt][l][ure.goes.here.

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