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[Nettime-bold] Vernon Richards, R.I.P.

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Vernon Richards

His single-minded efforts helped keep the anarchist voice alive

Colin Ward
Monday February 4, 2002
The Guardian

Across seven decades, Vernon Richards, who has died aged 86,
maintained an anarchist presence in British publishing. His chosen
instrument was Freedom Press, based in Whitechapel, in London's east
end. He edited the anarchist paper Freedom - and its prewar and
wartime variations - into the 1960s. Earlier, he had been imprisoned
in 1945, written a biography of the Italian anarchist Errico
Malatesta, and photographed George Orwell.

Born Vero Recchioni in Soho, Vernon was the son of the Italian
anarchist Ernidio Recchioni, who had escaped from what was then the
prison island of Pantelleria in the 1890s, set up the famous Italian
delicatessen King Bomba, in Soho, and taken part in interwar plots to
assassinate Mussolini.


Dave Mandl

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