artclay on Mon, 4 Feb 2002 11:20:03 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] sound art performance

sound art performance

art clay, live electronic & found objects

the Logos Foundation
Kongostraat 35
B-9000 Gent, Belgium
14 febuary 2002
8 oclock pm

more info:

(excuse for xpostings)


two music.compositions & three pieces & an informative text:


The pieces presented in the performance dont sound, they crack, break,
squeak, squeal etc. etc. etc.   and in reaction against the hero worship
so established at the prayer meetings of classical people known as
concerts. and today in the crack between two centuries and during
ultraglobal happysaddness life, i/you/we/them have found other solutions
to the virtuous via the daily. example? ok: we turn the tv on and zap
thru channels faster than superman flies to snatch louis lane, faster
than paganini could skip across violin strings.  our remote controls are
our daily bread for which we pray. we, yes we, are no longer subject to
time; we can freeze people, places and things. further: mute, blind and
lam them (in the middle of a word(s) or (re)action), or even in a case
of imaginary capitol punishment zap them into the oblivious realm of the
black known as off.  today we, including you, are fake, living as a
desktop alias. About this performance alias music alias possibility? ok:
i concentrate on what lies around me, my house, my world. what? ok: the
debris in the crack of the two centuries i stand stuck in. my coffee
cups, my paper, my vinyl, my glass, my pavorotti, my megaphonics, etc.
etc. etc.  we ((the royal (ad)version)) dont need more highcultur
anymore for that; no for we have our utensils, our collection of ofs.
what? ok:  our mind and our body:: wrapped up in easy consumer
electronics. The thing thing electrified with a mike mixer thing thing
brought to you by japan and continuing to communicate to all worldly per
air waveform at high/low decibel, short/long & big/small wave thing
thing.  this idea continued on channel one through sixteen: Getting to
the point/border, i/me present you/them the sound of non? sound(ing)
thing(s) musics. microsounds amped up. feedback tuckedup into the coffee
cup ketchup bottle dowap bebob burp thing with variations on this
non?musical material non?art objects of various porous/nonporous
objective (in terms of the daily) earthly items (sometimes) found
at/in/on stores here/there/anywhere infecting us with gutter reduced
supermarket prices. final comment, finally: listen=listen; dig=enjoy;
understand=nonpossible; all= ||:click&pop:|| culture. and a final
conclusion, finally: john cage has left us; lara croft wears fake
polygons; nn is a total _____(s). And oh, did they mention it?
censorship is global. be invited to listen & nonparticipate!

artclay, zuerich, almost 2002

art clay

lives in berlin + in basel. self taught irregardless of the possession
of diplomas for music and languages. determined goals reached through
indeterminate means, or as necessary or forced. due to contact with the
works or persons on the following list, hopelessly bond to the
twentieth  and twentieth first centuries: leonardo da vinci, buckminster
fuller, sun ra, john cage, marcel duchamp, billy name.  works concerning
the use of modern media including various genre for sound and image such
as video, photography, music and performance.  performance x-perience
(in all media of own and not own compositions) here and there, worldly,
international and @ home. instrumental virtuosity obtained on: flute,
computer and the german language. has a home page: just one klick+klick

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