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[Nettime-bold] E-Courses Speaking-Presentation Skills

Good Day to You.

Speaking and presentation skills
'FastTips' and comprehensive
self-paced home study courses
are available direct to you via e-mail.

'FastTips' are a quick guide for
persons who do not feel the need
for a more comprehensive course.
For example a 'FastTips' titled
"FastTips For Your Dynamic Speech"
contains "How To's" on hand and body
movement, control of voice modulation,
coping with fear, use of correct speech
pattern, aids to memory and scripting.


Should you wish your e-mail address
be removed from this third party
e-mail list, please send a blank
e-mail with the word "removehuntco"
(without the quotation marks) in the
subject field to: .
We apologize for any imconvenience
that may have caused you.


* FastTips For Your Dynamic Speech.

* Speaking to groups eg. at weddings
and other formal/semiformal functions.

* Advanced presentation techniques in a
sales presentation environment with
or without point of sale literature or
product samples.

* Facilitation and managing seminars and
workshops utilizing planned activities
and visual aids.

* Strategic marketing a seminar leader.

* Strategic marketing a professional

Also available via e-mail are
comprehensive self-paced home study
courses with similar titles as above.


The COST of 'FastTips' are 
A$29 (AUD) per title including GST.
Please E-mail:
with your enquiry.

For information about the COST of
full self-paced home study courses
please E-mail:
with your enquiry.
Please NOTE, we will create courses
or special 'FastTips' to suit your
specific requirement at no extra cost.


Dr Marcus Ziegler and
Peter M Alexander
International Orators

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