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[Nettime-bold] \ \ The Auvi Objects for NATO.0+55

From: "" <>



announces the release of the Auvi Objects ::::
a video processing effects package for NATO.0+55

the Auvi Objects are 90+ new NATO objects

the Auvi Objects ::::
perform unique and complex video effects in real-time

the Auvi Objects ::::
are optimised for fastest performance and best image quality

the Auvi Objects perform ::::

___compositing / layering of images
___multi-image layout / composition
___image generation
___video-mixer-style controls, eg. wiping, luma threshold, keying etc.
___unique distortions of color + geometry
___time-based effects
___data extraction from image input
___utilities for improvement of performance and image quality

features include ::::

___true luma keying
___high-quality mode to reduce outlier noise
___true implementation of alpha channel
___audio-effect-style mix of 'wet' + 'dry' signals
___optimized for resolutions up to 1152 x 768 (ti-book full-screen res)
___internal LFO for automatic effects parameter control
___source-sensitive parameter scaling
___a variety of useful new copymodes
___no overhead in 'bypass' or 'off' mode
___help files and .pdf documentation

the Auvi Objects are ::::
useful in a wide range of situations
useful to a wide range of styles

the Auvi Objects ::::
extend the range of new possibilities for real-time video work


requirements for purchase ::::
valid NATO.0+55 modular license + valid Max license

a free demo of 10 objects is available
(valid NATO.0+55 modular license required) ::::

if you do not own a valid NATO.0+55 or Max license --
you may still demo the Auvi collection via
10 help files compiled as standalone applications ::::

demo movie of the Auvi collection in use ::::

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