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[Nettime-bold] No Ribs For You

I don't know if you're aware of it, but Texas BBQ is, how do I say it,
not so good. There is one major exception, but, in accord with new
regulations after 9-11, it is not as good.

Texans complain when I say things like 'Texas BBQ is not so good', they
things like "We invented BBQ! And ours is gosh darn good, the gosh darn
goodest on the planet!" (Editors note: We're assuming the Texans were
referring to Earth)

The thing is, most Texas BBQ is brisket, which is OK, except most Texas
is brisket with something I would describe as cooked homemade Ketchup on

I have a theory on why Texans think that is so good, they were raised on
That's how their mom made it, their mom made it gooood for them gooood
strong growing boys (Editors note: And girls) . That's how it's supposed
be done, 'they dun learnt those boys good'. 

I did not grow up in Texas, and so I was not raised to 'like' that
style BBQ, but, I digress.

The real purpose of this story is an update on security in DFW and on
real best BBQ in Texas (Editors note: Before anyone writes in and claims
that Rudy's, aka. 'The worst BBQ in Texas' in Austin is really the best
in Texas, they should stop, and read the sign.) Is in the DFW
Worth) airport and known as Dickies.

Dickies used to have a full restaurant that served Shriner Bock. It was
where that TGIThursdays or whatever it is called is located now. They
moved to one of the food courts, the one by gate C4. After the move they
have stopped serving Shriner Bock, but they still had the best BBQ in

TGIT[sic] has changed their menu. The following words are now emblazoned
their menu; 'Because of security concerns, we have altered our menu to
remove items that required the use of a knife and fork to consume. We
you for your tolerance of this new policy.'

Now, Post 9-11, Dickies have also had to change what they serve.
note: They didn't change the menu, it still reads as it always did) They
longer serve ribs.

Ribs, for those of you that are unaware, are a dangerous thing. Besides
fact that without ribs your back would not be able to hold your insides
a rib can poke out an EYE! or push buttons. I'm not sure which they were
worried about. (Editors note: I often use pens to push buttons when I
condiments such as BBQ on my fingers.)

So, at 7:16 AM (editors note: GMT-8,  Pacific Standard time) this
morning, I
had brisket and links at Dickies in DFW. 

Although I did enjoy them, I wasn't really sure if they were as good as
remembered since I had awoke at 2:00 AM (editors note: also GMT-8) to
the first flight out of RDW (Raleigh-Durham).

What? Were you expecting a serious story? It's ten in the morning and
I'm on
an airplane and this report is titled 'No Ribs For You', how serious can
that b... actually that is pretty serious. 

I need a nap, unfortunately I get sinus problems on Airplanes when I fly
much, which leads to headaches like the one I have now, and no, I don't
a good enough memory to remember to bring Ibuprofen with me on trips,
would I need it?

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