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Year Zero One presents:
the Splash Page Project

Starting on February 1, 2002, Year Zero One is opening its splash
page as an exhibition space for artists that will operate on a
bimonthly basis.  A roster of international net.artists have been
invited to show their work in this forum.

We are pleased to launch this venture with a piece by Mouchette:
"Mouchette at the m.org.ue". Please visit http://www.year01.com to
view the work.  To see more of Mouchette's work, please visit her
website at http://www.mouchette.org.

The Splash Page Project is curated by Michelle Kasprzak.
If you have a proposal for this space, please e-mail: splash@year01.com

Year Zero One is an on-line artist run centre which operates as a
network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media
through web based exhibitions, an extensive media arts
directory/bulletin, and the Year01 Forum - an electronic art journal.


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